Bad For You

In the spirit of some of the best that rock and roll have to offer, AKA George is dropping a new EP, ‘Bad For You’. George Barnett, AKA George, got some serious musical traction with his YouTube cover of Daft Punk’s ‘Get lucky.’ It has garnered 30 million views, 30 million and 2, I listened to it twice today, and received attention from several labels and the BBC, which led to AKA George headlining the BBC Silverhayes stage at Glastonbury in 2016.


The first official release from AKA George, “Stone Cold Classic”, written, produced and performed by George and mixed by Grammy-nominated producer Dan Lancaster (5SOS, Bring Me The Horizon, Lower Than Atlantic, Don Broco) has 13 million streams to date on Spotify alone. George’s remix, Stone Cold Classic 3000, mixed by ShaneShanahan (Kanye West) was featured in an advert for a major car company that rhymes with soda.

The new single, Up All Night, from the soon to be released EP Bad For You, is streaming now, the EP will be released this April on the NYC label Anti Fragile Music. AKA George had this to say about his music: “I always want to make something fresh and exciting and new. I want to make songs that aren’t written by a committee. It’s a lot to ask someone to listen to your music. So it’s important to me that they’re hearing something authentic and genuine that comes from a real place… from a person.” 


That real person is George Barnett, AKA GEORGE, and it might get loud if you listen to his music. This is music that brings to mind The Raconteurs with the gritty guitar driving the beat, or even the good old driving classic Radar Love. Turn up the volume, roll down the highway and let the music take you away, Bad For You is good for me, and you.

AKA George’s first track “Up ALL Night” from the forthcoming EP “Bad For You” is out Feb 7, 2020, through AntiFragile.






Review by Norman Weatherly

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