Nekomata by Supernaive

Supernaive, what a great name that is, I liked it before I even listened to them. The brothers Baptiste and Lucas Malgoire have been working together as Supernaive and released some excellent material over the years. 2017 gave us the E.P. Dazed & Confused, not to be confused with the song that Jimmy Page ripped off from Jake Holmes. And do not be dazed by the movie Dazed and Confused, produced by Richard Linklater which gives us a look at coming of age in 1970’s Texas. The Supernaive E.P., Dazed & Confused is a piano-driven electronica journey and proved to be a strong start for the boys that share time between Tokyo and Paris, France, not to be confused with Paris, Texas. The movie Paris, Texas, gave us the excellent music score by Ry Cooder since we are talking about music today.

In 2018 the lads Malgoire gave us Lions & Pigs, an ethereal, esoteric darker sound than their previous work, in a right way. This four-song E.P. has an edge to it that cuts through to our ears. BTW, excellent cover art.

And now we have all that 2020 has become with the redeeming grace of great music, specifically the full-length album Nekomata. Dozens of listens into this album and I still don’t know what to say. It is powerful without being pushy, beautiful without being gaudy, layered without being rock. They don’t just walk to the beat of their own drum, they beat the drum, and then we walk to that beat with them. Supernaive have released a new video & single ‘Under Control’ (ft. NAL) along with their debut album Nekomata



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