“Why Do Anything”

1. What For?

2. Somebody To Get Shy With feat. Bad Sounds

3. Go Out

4. Can’t We Just Be Friends Again

5. Touch

6. Emotional

Six songs on the new EP from Tungz titled “Why Do Anything?”

I don’t know why we do anything, like “What For” man?

Six is the natural number following five and preceding seven. It is a composite number and the smallest perfect number. Just because it’s small is no reason to treat it like “Somebody To Get Shy With”.

Don’t be shy, “Go Out”, buy a six-string guitar and make music for your friends. Then after you are famous and selling tons of records, there is no reason to say “Can’t We Just Be Friends Again”?

We need to stay close, to “Touch” each other, to be “Emotional” but not cold and distant.

We don’t need to have six degrees of separation between us.

Our relationship can be full, as prosperous as the six whole notes in an octave. Let’s keep the distance between us small, as small as the six semitones in a tritone.

Let’s stop writing in abstract forms. The EP, “Why Do Anything” from the Bristol-based band Tungz is a smooth listen. Dabbling in electronica, R&B, and even touches of funk, make these tunes a pleasant listening experience. The variety of music kept me listening intently to find what came next as each song played out. ‘Why Do Anything?’ came out on the 30th of October via Heist or Hit. Do something, listen to this EP, you will not be disappointed.

Happy listening and play safe.






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