Another Day In Paradise

I want to introduce you to a piece of paradise via a record album.

The album I am referring to is “Another Day In Paradise” by Vita Bergen. Led by multi-instrumentalist William Hellström, and a supporting cast of Tuva Lodmark, Gustaf Gunér, Patrik Wennberg and Josefin Eklund.

The album opens with the single “Can’t Hold It Much Longer”, a strong opener with vocals that punch through the synth-pop melody. Then Vita Bergen shift gears into second the second song “La Lumiere”. Google translate told me that the title is “The Light”, but that is all I know other than the fact that it sounds like a lovely song.

A shift in gears back to first with the power-pop song in “Hold On Kid”, I would love to see them perform this song live; it is a mover and shaker, and would make a great closer.

The fourth take is “All Is Gold”, a smooth ballad with Tuva Lodmark taking over on vocals. A short vein of gold, but golden just the same.

Vita Bergen shift gears again, and we move to a powerhouse called “Over Now”. This song is a catchy toe-tapping nodding head song. It will make a great earworm.

Tuva takes on the vocals again on track 6, “Falcons”. Her staccato delivery meshes perfectly with the reckless guitar and on again off again synths.

“Lines” is the first of two instrumentals on this album, and it shines and pulls the listener into its orbit, great stuff.

“Marion”, “Bedroom”, and “Slowdown” lead us to the closer and the second instrumental on the album, the title track, “Another Day In Paradise”.

Let me be clear about this, any day you can listen to music that is this good is indeed another day in paradise. Vita Bergan, lead by William Hellström, have moved us into another realm, a bit closer to paradise with the LP “Another Day In Paradise” via Woah Dad Records.

Can’t Hold It Much Longer (Single)

Another Day in Paradise LP

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