The Modesty Blaise

Spring has sprung
The Modesty Blaise
Have played and sung

And I have listened, now I want to go driving in the sunshine with the window down and The Modesty Blaise providing the soundtrack for the summer.

The companions for this road trip are Jonny Collins doing vocals, David W Brown with the driving bass, Gregory Jones is playing tasteful guitars, Mark Bradley keeping everyone on time with his drum kit, Alastair Jenkins playing more guitars, and Roger MacDuff stringing us along on violins.

Jörn Elling Wuttke mixed the album at Klangfabrik Frankfurt. Thank you, Jörn; you have captured the essence of Modesty Blaise. This long-awaited third album comes to us via the German label
From Lo-Fi to Disco!

It is hard to believe that this is the first album from Modesty Blaise in twenty years. Yes, twenty, I know! It has been worth the wait, though, because they have filtered those twenty years into a beautiful slab of music.

The music is catchy and infectious. In a good way! I dare you to listen to this music without tapping your foot, nodding your head or having an insane desire to go driving. All six of the players came to the studio with their best, and I can easily hear it. This record is good stuff.

One of the highlight tracks for me is Rollerdisco. If you want to talk about flashback songs, this is a hit. It takes me back about 40 years to the roller rink; I would have loved to skate to this. It would fit in just lovely with Rock Lobster and Saturday Night by the Bay City Rollers. r.i.p. Les McKeown.
I would encourage listeners to listen to this album, not just casual background noise listening. Intentional listening. Listen for the lyrics; they are right smart and provide an excellent counterpoint to the happy music. Please pay attention to the different instruments and how they convey the message of the lyrics. This album deserves more than a casual listen and then moving on to the next album suggested by the streaming platform of your choice. Hit repeat and listen to The Modesty Blais again. And again. And then buy they album. And listen again.

It is available on vinyl from one of my favourite record shops in the UK, Rough Trade.
In Japan, you can purchase the album from Disk Union.
In Germany, hhv take care of it. 804627
‘The Modesty Blaise’ LP is out now, available digitally everywhere, including Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon.
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