A New Era

Ender Bender, aka Eddie Olguin, has Bewildered me on his new EP. Don’t get me wrong; I Have A Good Time listening to it. It has helped me Reconnect with summer, it was a bit late arriving, but I feel we are entering a New Era. I put this new EP on the virtual turntable and let the music Talk to Me.

Summer is upon us, which means driving around the local countryside and visiting some folks we have not seen since pre-Covid. We have had our second shot, and we still practice personal protection guidelines.

While we are out cruising, we like listening to some tunes, and this EP from Ender BenderNew Era, is just the prescription for some summer fun. With the temperatures hovering just below 30c, I think I’ll leave the top up and the A/C on, but we can still listen to this summer fun EP.

As Ender BenderEddie Olguin has served us a fun flashback to the synth-laden days of New Wave summers and jumping for retro joy. I heard a bit of this band over here—a bit of that band over there. And plenty of original fresh sounding music all over the place.

Eddie Olguin, in his own words: “Most of the music I have been listening to has a fun-retro 80s vibe, which served as the perfect distraction from the reality we were dealing with. This inspired me to create an EP that would also serve as an escape for others while positively touching upon the things we were forced to face, like the importance of friends and family and of truly leaving behind the petty bullshit that takes over our daily existence – we simply need to enjoy the beauty of life,”

Enjoy the beauty of life indeed, and while doing that, enjoy the beauty of this EP.

   Bewildered 3:48

   Have a Good Time 4:10

   Reconnect 2:32

   New Era 3:59

   Talk to Me 4:15

That adds up to 18 minutes and 44 seconds of fun in the sun. Put it in a playlist and listen to it again. Make a mixtape for the road and listen to a New Era, a New Era for Ender Bender and five new tunes for you to kick up your summer fun.

‘Bewildered’ https://open.spotify.com/track/1slNPBCKdeXebSTzIhviBO
‘Have a Good Time’ https://youtu.be/s7MSBsJLdZ8
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/track/1bkEpkcIqWIKyg21VFQUgT
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/iamenderbender/have-a-good-time/s-4KKRsj1Cb1r
Bandcamp / Pre-order https://enderbender.bandcamp.com/album/new-era

If you have any questions, contact Shauna from Shameless Promotion PR at contact@shamelesspromotionpr.com

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