Odds and Evens

I have fired off a few album reviews and thought I would tidy up my inbox with a few short shout-outs regarding singles, videos and other odds and ends.

First up, we have an outfit called The Dead South. This four-piece band fancies themselves as outlaws that defy classification. Not bluegrass. Not traditional country and western and not punk. They have a video out ahead of their EP releases in March 2022. Yes, releases, there will be two EP’s. The Dead South live close to me, only 800 kilometres.

Here is the teaser:

The Dead South – “You Are My Sunshine” 


Next up, we have a band that aligns closer to psychedelic rock than bluegrass, The Kundalini Genie. I covered a single by them earlier this year, and I am happy to share a video of them as a warm-up to their album, which drops on November 12, 2021. https://youtu.be/uQBjSw98hOQ

Another video that is being released ahead of the album, this time from an electronica act called Spray. SPRAY, RICARDO AUTOBAHN and JENNY McLAREN are Lancashire-based electronic / synthpop duo. Manchester’s ANALOGUE TRASH label will drop their ‘Ambiguous Poems About Death’ LP on November 26, but today we can enjoy ‘Hammered In An Airport.’ 

London synthpop artist RODNEY CROMWELL presents his new ‘Memory Box’ single about perceptions of reality and the certainty of our memories. Rodney Cromwell is the nom de plume of ADAM CRESSWELL.  The full length is due in early 2022; no set date yet, darn Covid, eh.

‘The Gift’  from SHRINARI, previews their debut LP (out November 24). Their music has a strong spiritual component, carrying a message of hope, unity and connection. ‘The Gift’ https://youtu.be/ykCjGRiYq3g

Last but not least is an album from a band that I am quite familiar with having seen them live and owning their discography. The band is are from Toronto, Ontario and go by the name of BadBadNotGood, the album is Talk Memory. Here is a video from this new album, I hope you enjoy them as much as I have. I look forward to seeing them playing live in about two months.

Happy listening everyone and play safe.

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