I Am A Rocketship

I Am A Rocketship. My oh my, you most certainly are. You are a rocketship and so much more. You are Eric Weissinger and L E Kippner, a pair of musicians working out of Atlanta, Georgia.

Eric Weissinger used to back up various artists, all the while watching and learning. Learning skills that he put to good use as a rocketship co-pilot. Or, to be precise, one-half of I Am A Rocketship. Eric is a player of guitars and a programmer of electronics.

The other half of I Am A Rocketship is L E Kippner, co-pilot of everything Eric Weissinger isn’t doing. She is a cellist, scientist, radio DJ and previously a singer for the Swedish synth-pop duo Neobox.

Together they are a formidable duo who recorded this album on a notebook computer in the opening months of 2021, a productive year cumulating with the release of their album Lie and Legends on November 11, a day to remember.

Late 2020 closed with their ‘oRAnGE’ EP, a release laced with frustration, sadness and rage over the rise of authoritarianism and accelerating environmental collapse.

Earlier, I Am a Rocketship released their ‘Ghost Stories’ LP (April 2020), ‘Mind Grafitti’ (2019) and debut offering ‘Mission Control’ (2016).

The new ‘Lies and Legends‘ album is their most ambitious collection to date. These ten songs are about the appeal, in trying times, of lies and legends over reason and love. They give people hope, a feeling of belonging, and frequently, a license to do terrible things in the name of their belief. 

 “When facts are scary, people turn to belief. I guess these are songs about faith, how it can be comforting but blinding,” says Eric Weissinger.

Lies and Legends is full of guitar hooks covering an impressive distortion range from clean acoustic to dirty dregs. Eric Weissinger works his axes to good effect. I am guessing that is why they are called guitar chops. He also weaves synth sounds and drum programs that move the songs from pop to power ballads. Check out the track On Poppy Hill for an excellent example of this. A perfect bit of music to listen to on November 11 when this album officially gets released.

L E Kippner has a mesmerizing voice that she uses to good effect, all the while showcasing her versatility as a songstress and cellist. She delivers some great lines, such as “don’t give me all the answers when I haven’t asked the questions.” That profound line is off the song Ignorance, a clever bit of writing on that one.

Lies and Legends has a pop-rock feel with dark overtones that it has picked up living through the confusion and fear of the Covid pandemic.

Despite all that, Lies and Legends is an immensely enjoyable listen.

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