Travelling With Alexander Hulme

I have done a good deal of travelling throughout my life. Once it is safe to do so, I fully intend to do more travelling, there are some places I haven’t scratched off my bucket list, and there are places that I want to revisit.

A singer/songwriter from the UK, Alexander Hulme, has also done his fair share of travelling, and, like me, he also has wanderlust.

“So much of this world to touch

I can never get enough.”

He also looks forward to travelling again while staying grounded when he gets tired, as he laments.

“tired, oh so tired, leave this all behind.”

I get the impression that he can also conjure the ability to travel while going nowhere—an armchair traveller. Through the magic of the internet and good books, I have fed my urge to wander without leaving home—a handy trick in the era of Covid.

I have spun that last bit of writing while listening to Alexander Hulme and his new EP, Slow Down, out 12th November, and specifically the track Travelling, a magical bit of music that I get lost in my brain while listening to it. It’s not just the words; the music surrounding the words takes my breath away. I’ll let Alexander tell you a bit about it himself.

“Travelling was written in 2019, back when I took being able to leave the country and explore some of the magic that is out there on this rock in space for granted. Myself and my partner have always been quite restless, always looking on the horizon for the next great adventure; we really find it hard to put down roots. I think it’s a side effect of university, if I’m honest. We got used to moving house every year, and then after uni, we hopped around our parent’s houses, rented accommodation and places all across the country, so we both find it quite hard to stand still at times.

Travelling was written just before my holiday to Thailand back in 2019 and was all about finally being able to scratch that itch. Since the pandemic days, myself and Gemma have really had to come to terms with putting down roots and finding some sort of peace whilst stationary. I think in hindsight, it was actually really good for us! 

However, Travelling is all about the adventure, the excitement and wonder that comes from throwing off the every day for a life more exciting.

Written entirely by the artist himself and produced by David Alexander Lomelino, Alexander’s EP ‘Slow Down‘ marks the next vital stage in his growing and fledgling career. Showcasing his breadth for smooth and enticing songwriting, the new four-track EP makes for an embracing, and organic listen that will see him capture the hearts of thousands, if not millions.

This EP, Slow Down, was the first time I engaged with the music of Alexander Hulme. I certainly hope it is not the last. 

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