The Pink Moon of Tilde

I like it when I blog about Canadian musicians to support my hometown artists. I haven’t had any from the Isle of Harris, my paternal grandmother’s roots; I am sure they have a few that I just haven’t heard yet. I also like getting Swedish musicians, my maternal grandparent’s birthplace. And today, I dip my pen into the inkwell to jot down some words about Tilde, who found her musical muse in Gothenburg, a long way from Korpilombolo, where my grandfather was born.

Enough of the genealogy; let’s get down to the reason for this dispatch, the music. Tilde has a solid and expressive voice that draws the listener in and then holds them there. She doesn’t just tell a story; she builds it within the framework of compelling music. The smooth reverb on the guitar is luscious. The strings are gentle but mighty. The percussion is understated but able to hold the rhythm with ease. And the voice. The voice. Oh my, what a voice. Tilde draws inspiration from Nina Simone to  Amy Winehouse and then belts the songs out with a voice that is all her own. Do your ears a favour and listen to this album, you will not regret it.

I am a stickler for details, and little quirks that I don’t think should be there. I can’t find any on this album. It is as solid as the rock that Sweden sits on. We just had a lunar eclipse that turned the moon a dull red, not quite the Pink Moon that Tilde has crafted but close. A total eclipse is a beautiful sight to behold, and a Pink Moon is beautiful music to hear.

‘Pink Moon’ comes out on 19 November 2021 via Vacanze Records.







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