To pass the time in lockdown back when Covid was a novelty, I started alphabetically going through my vinyl. However, I cheated and cherry-picked. And then I read this: https://blog.discogs.com/en/listen-to-your-record-collection-a-to-z/

So I started all over again, and I am listening to all of them this time. So here we go with some short comments on each album.

ABBA. Maybe it’s the Swedish blood coursing through my veins. I still like ABBA.

Roy Acuff. I found his gospel albums bland, but his Greatest Hits Vol. 1 is a good slice of traditional country and western music.

Douglas Adams. Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Pt.1. I liked the book. I liked the movie. I enjoyed listening to it on vinyl.

Cannonball Adderley. Somethin’ Else. This album has an all-star cast. It is one of Joel’s favourite records, and after listening to it again, I have to agree with him. This recording is a good one.

Adam Ant. Friend or Foe. I was skeptical about how I would react to this album, fearing it may be one of those records that I liked when it was fresh, but it didn’t pass the test of time. That didn’t happen. I found a new appreciation for this album, not just for the hit single Goody Two Shoes, which makes an excellent ear worm. I listened to both sides twice.

Alabama. Roll-On. Cheesy 1980’s pop-country, lots of glitter but little substance. A couple of OK tracks, including “I’m Not That Way Anymore.” I’ve had two of those episodes in my life. When I became a Christian, the first and the second was when I stopped being a Christian.

Allies. Virtues. From candy-coated country to glucose gospel. This record was painful to listen to from start to finish.

Altar Boys. When You’re A Rebel and Gut Level Music, GLM has held up very well, the Rebel only so-so, but still listenable. The alternative Christian music scene had few quality alternative/punk bands to the Altar Boys are a standout.

The Alter Boys. Similar names and some overlap with their edgy music, but the Alter Boys aren’t as appealing to me at the Altar Boys.

Ambrosia. Their self-titled album is good. I’ve had Ambrosia in regular rotation since it was released in 1975. Those grooves must be a bit deeper than when they were freshly pressed. Their second album, Somewhere I’ve Never Travelled, isn’t as strong and takes the band in a different direction that I seldom travel.

Anthem. Cuttin’ Thru. They proclaim on the front cover that they are Anthem, the Rock Band! They don’t cut through much for me. They sound like they want to be another Resurrection Band or Jefferson Starship; they aren’t.

Arcade Fire. I have been listening to Arcade Fire for a long time. I think I started with Neon Bible, which came out in 2007. Funeral, their debut album came out in 2004 and still sounds fantastic. Pick any one of their albums; they are all good.

Louis Armstrong. With Earl Hines, this was a good listen, but it lacks flow and consistency. On the other hand, the Louis Armstrong Autobiography recordings have those elements and are a substantial eight sides of music. I was worried that I might overdose on Louis, but that didn’t happen. His music is strong enough and varied enough that it is an easy listen. The little vignettes that he uses for each song were lovely.

AD. Art of the State was a new direction for Kerry Livgren after he left Kansas. I don’t find them that good; they sound aged but not in a good way.

Rudy Atwood and the Revival Hour Quartet. Good harmonies and easy listening, not bad at all.

Gene Autrey. Back In The Saddle Again. This record was a bin dive treasure. It is a smooth stroll down memory lane full of good old campfire sing-a-long songs. I enjoyed this album a lot.

Audience. Lunch. This album perplexes me. Audience was a well-recognized band that toured with the biggest bands of the time, like the Rolling Stones, and their records garnered good reviews, but I don’t get it. I find the lyrical content to be weak at best. The singing of Howard Werth is not my cup of tea, and I find his voice whiny and grating when he tries to do his rock anthem growls. The instrumental work is another story. The horn section is solid.

And that brings us to the end of the A section, Amen.