Where Is My Muse?

“Where Is My Muse” is my 95th blog post in this calendar year, Twenty Twenty-one. It has been a very productive year with a tonne of great music that inspired me to write and hopefully leads others to enjoy this music as much as I have.

Today is October 28, and my Muse has abandoned me! Where, oh where, can my Muse be hiding. I have been listening to wonderful music that lifts my spirits and riding in that heady atmosphere; I sit at my keyboard and …nothing.

My Muse has abandoned me. I sit alone at the keyboard with fantastic music and scintillating lyrics that lift me and cause my spirit to soar, but my fingers are sitting idle. What has happened? I love the music that has landed in my inbox with the intent of my writing about it. But nothing arrives beyond my good intentions.


Cat Dowling

Dubliner CAT DOWLING also presents her ‘Animals’ single ahead of her new album (by the same name), released on November 12 via FIFA Records– this is a song about that beautiful part inside the human make-up that can’t ever and should never be tamed. The accompanying animated video by MARC CORRIGAN brilliantly reflects this song of movement, sensuality, wildness, love and freedom.

‘Animals’ single https://youtu.be/588mof6AgWY 

Bandcamp https://catdowling.bandcamp.com/track/animals-3 

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/1sf6TFd6Q92GuXCYK58IjT 

‘Animals’ LP pre-order https://catdowling.bandcamp.com/album/animals 

‘Freedom’ https://youtu.be/wBJpivONX7c 

‘Trouble’ https://youtu.be/LiUtwDtvzHM 

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flora cash have released their third album, our generation. The lyrics are rooted in the promise each generation makes to the next that incredible things are possible. 

our generation is a message by and for a generation of kids who know what it means

to be a refugee.

to grow up with a dad in prison.

to struggle with mental health

to experience heartbreak

to hide their true identity from the world

to seek adventure and self-realization

to meet their soul mate

to believe in a potential few yet see

and in the final analysis, our generation is a record for all those who know what it means to pursue a dream even when the world tells them no.

‘our generation,’ out October 22 via Flower Money Records

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Manchester indie rock postpunk outfit INCA BABIES will release their 8th studio album’ Swamp Street Soul,’ produced by SIMON ‘DING’ ARCHER (The Fall, PJ Harvey), on November 23. Today they present the lead track ‘Walk In The Park.’ Since 1983, they’ve been a vibrant part of Britain’s post-punk/deathrock scene, touring and releasing many albums, ranking in the UK Indie Charts and recording four sessions for BBC’s John Peel show before splitting up. Now reformed, today Inca Babies comprises HARRY STAFFORD, bassist VINCE HUNT (A Witness, Blue Orchids) and ROB HAYNES (The Membranes, Goldblade).

I listened to this record over and over, and each listen provided me with fresh sounds. I kept thinking I could hear bits and bites of other bands, but it never coalesced into a name, so I came away feeling like I had listened to a breath of fresh air.

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The Kundalini Genie released their album Half In, Half Out on November 12 via OX4 Sound.

Emerging from the nether regions of Glasgow, The Kundalini Genie has been blowing minds globally with music characterized by droning hypnotic fuzz rock, 60’s British Invasion-inspired melodies, transcendental sitar, and dreamy, spaced-out soundscapes.

Their sonic journey ranges across the spectrum of their musical influences – The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spiritualized, The Dandy Warhols, The Warlocks, The Beatles, The 13th Floor Elevators, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The Black Ryder and Black Market Karma.

I would add Lou Reid and The Velvet Underground. This band blazes with old-school psychedelic rock and roll. A must-listen for year-end best-of lists.

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There we are then, a brief snapshot of some of the music that has been in heavy rotation in my office. Stay tuned, I am sure there is more to come, in fact have a new one that just landed in my inbox. Happy listening and play safe.

Mockingbird Love

Legendary Scottish music-sculptor Robin Guthrie has released a beautiful new 4-track EP, called ‘Mockingbird Love’, via Soleil Après Minuit with distribution in North America
via Darla and Europe covered by Cargo.

The first in a series of releases that Guthrie will be releasing this year, ‘Mockingbird Love’ is the first new music from Guthrie since the ‘Another Flower’ album with the late Harold Budd, released just days before Budd’s passing in December 2020. Brooklyn Vegan says that this music is “typically gorgeous instrumental, drenched in Guthrie’s signature shimmery layers”.

“Of late I’ve been very focused on my instrumental music, which is increasingly an intense endeavour, all the more so as I don’t really share it with anyone. So here I am, finally, with some words about my next releases. ‘Mockingbird Love’, a four track EP, is the first small collection of music that I have felt comfortable to release for a while. This is my October,” says Robin Guthrie.

“‘Mockingbird Love’ is concise, to the point, with a big sound and baritone guitars. But it’s just an appetizer as my November release and subsequent December releases will show. I have everything in production now and, hmmm, what could go wrong?”

39 years on from Cocteau Twins‘ debut release ‘Garlands’, Robin Guthrie has certainly been the most prolific member and remains the grand master of soundscapes, offering a steady and stellar stream of material over the years. Having formed Violet Indiana with Siobhan de Maré (formerly of Mono) following Cocteau Twins’ dissolution, he has since strongly focused on creating instrumental music, while also releasing collaborative albums with Harold Budd, John Foxx (Ultravox) and Mark Gardener (Ride).

Apart from the film scores for Gregg Araki’s ‘Mysterious Skin’ and ‘White Bird In a Blizzard’, which were co-written with Harold Budd, Guthrie has also scored the film ‘3:19’Kaboom and the TV series ‘Now Apocalypse’

More recently, Robin produced and mixed the new Heligoland album ‘This Quiet Fire’, as well as creating remixes for artists such as HatchieFawns of
ResplandorUmmagmaUlrich Schnauss and Tamaryn at his studio in France.

‘Mockingbird Love’ is out now on CD, as well as digitally, on all major platforms. it can be obtained directly from the artist via Bandcamp.

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Indie pop-rock outfit Bilbosavpresent their vibrant single ‘Neon’, which is the first taste of their ‘Ayla’ EP, a four-track offering slated for release in mid-June via Italy’s powerhouse indie label Seahorse Recordings. Irish singer-songwriter Lori Skycontributes vocals, as well as lyrics, in this offering with its full and mesmerizing, rhythmic darkness.

Hailing from Genoa in northern Italy, Bilbosa are David Carroll (guitar), Stefano Pulcini (guitar and synth), Daniele Ferrari (bass and synth) and Gabriele Gennaro(drums). Formed in 2016 from the ashes of their former band Chaos Del Signor Gaza, the remaining four musicians spent much energy collaborating, jamming and trying to understand what musical route to take. Finally, they desperated decided to lock themselves in a recording studio in 2018, resulting in the recording of their first official album, ‘Diamond Dust’, which they released in December 2020.

Formerly writing under the name Lorraine McCauley, Scottish-based Donegal-raised Lori Skyoffers a powerful new voice and perspective on the arts scene, making music for the soul and senses. Performing at Irish Feis since the age of four, she formed her first band while living in Japan. Following her 2010 debut solo EP ‘Haunt Me’, she formed Lorraine McCauley & The Borderlands and debuted with album `Light in the Darkest Corners in 2012, tipped as the next Scottish contemporary folk breakthrough. After returning to university for her master’s degree, in 2014, she began an artist residency in songwriting and singing with La Banda di Piazza Caricamentoin Genoa, where she met and collaborated with Bilbosa’s David Carroll, sowing the seeds for this new single.

“I saw the ‘Neon’ music as a bright light, like the love that a close relationship brings into your life. So I ended up writing this song to celebrate my Mum, who I had just lost. The music helped me to express what I was learning about grief, that when you allow yourself to feel the pain of loss you are more able to appreciate and understand the love,” says Lori Sky.

“Covid forced us to become more creative in how we collaborate with others. As a band, we wrote the music and then sent it to Lori Sky, an Irish singer-songwriter. Lori listened to the track and wrote lyrics to the song, which are very personal to her and yet, there are very universal themes here about love, loss and grief,” says David Carroll.

“We all shine our own light and reflect that light to others that care for us and are near us. There is a very close connection with the bright light and those close relationships that we have. Even when we lose those we love, they will always be with us in spirit and that light will never leave us and still affects us. There are other cases though where, to feel alive and connected to the world, he  has to emulate that bright light with ‘manmade’ Neon light.  Emulating that bright light that surrounds other people is no easy task, so tapping in our personal Neon light could give us the boost that we need to finally  find that shiny bright light again,  that we were all born with. In the world we live in, even our smallest action or deed could make somebody else’s day and give a little boost to that light that they own”.

As of June 3, ‘Neon’ will be available across online stores and streaming platforms, including Spotifyand Apple Music. The full ‘Ayla’ EP will be released on June 18.

Written by Bilbosa and Lorraine McCauley (Lori Sky)
Lyrics and vocals by Lorraine McCauley (Lori Sky)
Music performed by Bilbosa
Produced, recorded and mixed by Tristan Martinelli
Mastered by Mattia Cominotto at Greenfog Studio (Genoa, Italy)
Cover artwork by Stefano Pulcini with Jellyfish sculpture by Gabriele Gennaro

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