Current Favourites

As a first post, I thought that it’d be fitting to give a brief overview of what I listen to. It turns out this is a much larger task than I initially predicted. With well over 400 albums in my iTunes library, a few hundred hard copies, and a few dozen concerts in my repertoire there’s a lot of music to choose from. I don’t tend to stick with one genre for very long though I do have a few preferred genres; Rock, Folk, and Jazz seem to be consistent favourites of mine with a decent amount of independent pop mixed in for good measure. My last attended concert was for the rock group Arkells and my next will be for Corb Lund in support of his new country album. My listening isn’t always erratic as I do have a few consistent favourites that I will likely always go back to. Radiation City, Billie Holiday, Arcade Fire, and The Decemberists top my most played lists as of right now. The below playlist contains some of my favourite songs at the moment. This list will probably be different by month.

Joel’s Favourites

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