Weathered Intro

Music and why it matters, that sounds like a good place to start. Music is a wide open topic and my taste in music is equally diverse. As I write this I am listening to a jazz playlist, earlier today I listened to Holst’s “The Planets” and Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons”. Yesterday (a good song), I had Bob Dylan and Mountain back to back. There is a lot of music that I like and it is hard to define what I like but when I like it I know it. I also know what I don’t like and the reason I know is that I’ve taken the time to listen to it as well. So why does this matter? Music is powerful. This isn’t simply my humble opinion, this has been observed, documented, studied, contextualised and had a profit wrung out of it over and over again. Music moves us to tears, puts a bounce in our step, brings back memories (mostly good) and so much more. I use music to relax, to calm my nerves and to cheer me up. I can put on mellow background music to help me focus on work or lively music to put energy in my routine, be it work or play. People use music to promote ideologies and people use music to herald victories. Music is ingrained in our lives, much of the time without us even being aware of it. Car horns are pitched as well as the chimes on microwave ovens. The birds sing in the trees and the Muzak invades our shopping trips. Music is everywhere and that means it matters. I grew up listening to my Dad play Hank Williams and I watched my son grow up while we played Hank Williams together. It’s in our family. It’s in our DNA. It’s literally everywhere and it matters. I love music. I love to listen to the intricacies of Oscar Peterson on piano. I love the craftsmanship of the Beatles. I love the passion of a hurtin’ cowboy song. I love the teamwork in an orchestra. I love music. And I want to share that love with others, hence the Weathered Music website and our dialogues on music. All kinds of music. What we are listening to now, what we have been moved by in the past. The songs that we play on guitar, the songs that we play with others and on other instruments. The concerts that we go to and the moments in our lives that are touched by music. While we may not agree on what we like or do not like in music we can agree that there is a lot of great music and we want to share our passion for music with you. Welcome to the musical world of Weathered Music.

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