“Can’t We Just Be Friends Again”, no question mark. Can’t we just listen to this catchy track again? Yes, that is a question. What is not in question is the talent of these lads. Nicky Green and Jamie Maier of the band Tungz have crafted a synth, pop, jazzy, fun little single following on the heels of their EP “Okay” from 2019. “Can’t We Just Be Friends Again” opens with a metallic sound that builds tension as instruments and vocal come in until it becomes a great little tune. It is highly probable that their tour dates will be cancelled due to COVID-19 but we can still be friends with Tungz through Soundcloud, https://soundcloud.com/tungzz/cant-we-just-be-friends-again/s-MyfFa, and Apple Music. Check them out, keep listening to good music like this offering from Tungz, and stay healthy everyone.

Tungz - CWJBFA copy

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