Feed Me With Love

Discrete - Feed Me With Love (Coverart)

What happens when four very talented Swedes get together? No, the answer is not to feed me with Raggmunk, although I would not turn that down. The correct answer is “Feed Me With Love”, the new single from Charla K, Alex Shield, Discrete and NEIMY, four talented individuals. All four of them brought their unique talents to the recording and we are blessed with a very danceable song, ‘Feed Me With Love’.
This song started with Charla K dabbling with some piano bits and pieces and her partner Alex adding some lyrics. Feed Me With Love sat on the shelf for two years and then NEIMY and Discrete were invited into the songwriting process to help with the lyrics and production in that order.
Charla recalls it this way; “Alex and I stumbled on the entire melody in a matter of hours. We never had to bang our heads to flesh out ‘Feed Me With Love.’ The painless songwriting process left us focusing on other projects until we brought NEIMY and Discrete onboard. The four of us secured the song’s irresistible pulse.”
Discrete adds to the conversation and explains, “I wanted to project the aesthetic from a decade ago onto contemporary house, so I experimented with some clean synths until I settled on what you hear on the track. Together with the guitars, the track sounds simultaneously like 2010 and 2020.”
“Feed Me With Love” is irresistible, the heartbreaking lyrics of Charla, Alex and NEIMY soar through Charla amazing voice and mesh seamlessly with the production of Discrete. This is a song to dance along with all summer, the album will be dropping soon as well, I look forward to having all three singles from the album and the new and unheard material, it will be like Christmas in the summertime.

Charla K - PP 1Discrete PR 5

alex shielsNEIMY










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