Emi Wes/Issues

In the press handout that came with this song and video, there is one fragment of a sentence that jumped at me as I reread it for the umpteenth time searching or a muse.

“Emi Wes has spent the last couple of years … experimenting with different genres to perfect her musical craft. She eventually found the core of her musical foundation; a sound that is completely hers. Entering a new collaboration with renowned producer Robin Hannibal, Emi is ready to kickstart her career with the release of her new single ‘Issues’.”

My ruminating was nothing more than highjacking the above quote, copying and pasting it into this review.

I do come away with my own opinion, of course, and I would be remiss not to inform you, the kindly reader of this review of what that assessment is.

It is haunting. It floats, it rises above the mundane. It moves me and makes me want to dance with it. This song leaves me yearning to hear more by Emi Wes.

She sings; ‘Sensitive as a flower, watch me bloom so eager to learn, I watch it grow.’ The song is a self-love affirmation, as she explains: “Over the years, these have been the lines of my life. It’s really about not being frightened of appearing vulnerable.”

Discussing the song, she tells us: “The instrumental, the strings and Robins chords just gave me the words to a feeling I had in me. I guess it was also important for me to address that I have issues too because we all do. Sometimes saying it loud makes it more okay. For me, it’s a sign of strength being able to say the less pretty out loud.”

The single of ‘Issues’ single is available to stream via No Rules No Limits. No word on an album yet.

You can listen to it here:







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Still Corners @ The Last Exit

Still Corners are taking The Last Exit, but it will not be my last listen to their ethereal haunting music. The Last Exit has taken me on a musical journey with their often hypnotic music. Still Corners travels between bright, sparkling acoustic guitar, the crooning of Tessa, the lead vocalist for Still Corners, and a steady rhythm that keeps the song moving forward. There is a definite feeling of motion in the music that shows up visually in the accompanying video of The Last Exit.

Tessa describes the idea behind the video -“In a world where everyone thinks all the corners of the map are filled in we like to suggest there’s something beyond that, something eternal in the landscape and in our psyche. Maybe you don’t see it every day, but it’s there, and that’s what we are trying to connect to.”

The Last Exit, the fifth studio album for Still corners, will be released on 22nd January 2021 on Wrecking Light Records.






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Misty Coast/In A Million Years

Once In A Million Years, the new single from Norway’s Misty Coast is energetic, listenable music. It is…I don’t think I can put this in a box for a specific genre. It moves about shift shaping as it goes, and touches on many styles and sounds. The vocals are smooth as well as edgy. The guitars are distorted but not in the heavy metal style that Norway is so famous for having. There are shining acoustic guitar notes and a bass that keeps chugging along. The drums have bright cymbal shots juxtaposed against the beat that holds all the instruments in sync.

Do I like the song? Bottom line, what kind of a review do I give it. I give it five stars, this is a lovely little song, and I hope I get to hear it in a full-length album soon, I don’t want to wait a million years.





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“Whatever was written in a stream of consciousness, the words just poured out of me. When finished, the brutal honesty struck me. I created a mirror, forcing myself to look into my own eyes.” 

Quoth a Raven, Raven Artson. This Raven can quote more than ‘Nevermore’; in fact, this Raven is very quotable. Raven Artson is a Los Angeles based multidisciplined artist who actively directs his music videos and produces for artists including Sevdaliza, Pip Blom and Ray Fuego. More recently he started curating his interdisciplinary shows, which has led fashion designers like Hardeman and Hanger Inc. to collaborate with artist like himself, True Blue, Beskhen and Cosima.

With a new EP in the pipeline, Raven is ready to take the next step in his career: “As a person, I try to be as honest as possible in my relationships. It’s exciting to share music that’s just as genuine.” 

‘Whatever’ is available to stream via Rosed Out Records.





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One song at a time I am building towards the release of Spunsugars album release highly-anticipated debut album ‘Drive-Through Chapel’, out on the October 2nd via Adrian Recordings.

Today I am enjoying their newest single release Belladonna. I won’t add much to this post, but I look forward to the album which I will give a few more words to than this single.

Listen and enjoy their singles thus far: Run, Happier Happyness and Belladonna.






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Owen Meany’s Batting Stance

Some sounds get so stuck in our heads that we never forget them. The first time our baby said a word, it happened to be Dada in my case. It is stuck in there like superglue.

The sound of a flock of geese flying over our heads at midnight with no moonlight it was pitch black. It is locked in my neurones forever.

The song “Breakfast Again” by Owen Meany’s Batting Stance, stuck in my brain tighter than a high e string getting bent for a solo.

The first time my ears heard Breakfast Again, I was hooked, and I still am. Owen Meany’s Batting Stance is the pseudonym of singer-songwriter Daniel Walker, a fellow Canadian and a veteran of the folk music circuits pre-pandemic.

Daniel Walker projects hints of The Mountain Goats, Jenny Lewis, and Conor Oberst to inspire his sound. Daniel tells us that “Their deliberate approach to lyricism coupled with the fact that they emoted a similar high-pitched, nasal vocal delivery proved to me I didn’t need to have a raspy baritone or angelic falsetto to be a singer, let alone songwriter.” His voice immediately brought to my mind the vocalization and delivery of Roy Forbes, especially during his Bim years, and another Canuck.

Daniel tells us that “Breakfast Again” lyrically explores the implications of lost love. Discussing the inspiration behind the track, he says: ‘Breakfast Again is about the emotions: the worries and resolution that come with no longer sharing a life with someone important to you’.

Owen Meany’s Batting Stance released the ‘Breakfast Again’ single on September 4th via LHM Records along with a video release of the song. ‘Feather Weights’, Owen Meany’s Batting Stance’s album will be released October 2nd 2020 via LHM Records.

LISTEN: https://soundcloud.com/user-77387696/breakfast-again-3

 Accompanying the track is a hazy visual, featuring the frontman himself. The new minimalistic music video blends cloudy and clear shots of the lonesome artis laying in a river; a metaphorical representation of drowning in his emotions.

 WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ntly4MHloHY

Summer Heat – Good Together

Lost loves. Lost feelings. Lost time. Lost emotions. Lost friends. Lost lovers.

Summer Heat have hit a chord that indeed resonates within all of us on his new single ‘Good Together”.

What if we could go back in time?

I know it’s been a while.

What if we gave it one more shot?

We have so many, many questions and not enough answers. There are, however, some answers. We can not go back in time, and when we try to, we can never capture the magic of that time. I went to a school reunion, and while I enjoyed seeing the people that I shared bus rides and classrooms with, I very quickly learned that we don’t want one more shot. All of those people got so old, why didn’t they stay young like me? And what about all the loves I have lost? It turns out that they have done very well without me.

Summer Heat, aka David Alexander, has released a new single, ‘Good Together’, ahead of the release of his EP ‘Ambitions’, which arrives on November 6th, 2020. ‘Good Together’ gives us smooth as silk synthesizers that hide the pain that lingers in the lyrics of this song. This song is an excellent teaser for Summer Heats EP arriving this fall on Icons Creating Evil Art.

Summer Heat – Good Together



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Bye, bye Birdy, good bye.

Building on the success of his debut single ‘How Do You Want Me?”, Tanzos, aka Mik Tanzos, delivers another song that has top ten written all over it. ‘Birdy’, the tale of love gone wrong, is a departure from the edgier sound of HDYWM. Mik opted for a more laid back feel on ‘Birdy’ that works very well with the message in the lyrics. Dreamy synths, soft orchestration flowing along in the back, and smooth picking on the guitar set ‘Birdy’ up to be hit repeat song.

Discussing the influence behind the track, Tanzos tells us: “Birdy tells the story of a
couple´s life design falling apart after compromising for too long. Naturally the song
has a melancholic tone, but it is not desperate. Conciliation beats the bitterness.”

I can only hope that Mik releases a full album soon because his singles are killing me sonically. The good thing about the release of ‘Birdy’ is that I now have two songs in his playlist, it’s getting better all the time.






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DJ Shub/Shake Ya Bustle

I was familiar with A Tribe Called Red in name only. To understand where an artist is, I like to look at what they have recorded in the past. When I received the invitation from Mystic Sons to review the new single by DJ Shub, I listened to A Tribe Called Red, which is where DJ Shub previously recorded. A Tribe Called Red have received many accolades including a Juno Award, Canada’s equivalent of a Grammy.

I don’t give out awards, but I do submit reviews, and occasionally I will grade a release with stars. For Shake Ya Bustle by DJ Shub I will give a favourable review.

I like it. Shake Ya Bustle is a bit light in the lyrics department, A Tribe Called Red used story songs frequently; however, what lyrics there are, are used very effectively. Shake Ya Bustle got stuck in my brain, even as I write this, I am nodding my head to the refrain, shake ya bustle, shake ya bustle. I probably won’t shake my bustle, but I will nod my head, tap my toe and play the song again to reinforce the earworm.

DJ Shub has taken the rhythm of traditional drums and turned it on its side with new samples and synth sounds that work like magic. I love it and look forward to hearing more from DJ Shub.






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I am marking October 2nd on my calendar and set alerts for it to notify me because that is the release date for Spunsugar’s new album Drive-Through-Chapel.

Until then, I am content to listen to their newest single, Run.

It seems like it was forever ago that I posted a favourable review of their then-current single Happier Happyless, it was actually on June 5th of this pandemic year that has completely messed up my sense of time.

Here we are on August 13th, barely two months since my last review of their music and just when I think they can’t get any better they release a new single that blows me away, again. Run to listen to it. Run to pre-order their new album. Run, because it is good for you.

I won’t give too much away because I am waiting for the whole album to spin on my turntable, but I can tell you that if you enjoyed Happier Happyless, you would most likely enjoy a good Run.






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