A Modest Xmas Present

I’ll Be Home For Xmas is a funny, peculiar and mischievous video to start the Xmas season way too early. I like to wait until December 24 and do my gift shopping at 7/11.

I smiled at the magical colour-changing guitar, the saxinette, and the wild guitar solo that looks like he’s playing for Guitar Hero. Enjoy Modesty Blaise as they have fun with their interpretation of the Xmas classic, I’ll Be Home For Xmas.


SCARDEN VALLEY by Jupiter Hollow

I don’t usually post video’s, they just aren’t my medium of choice for listening to music. However, I enjoy the music that Jupiter Hollow make so I am sharing a video that they just released. It is a live performance of the song Scarden Valley, a track from their new release Bereavement, their newest album. This track combines a rock ballad feel with some good prog and it all comes out good. I hope you enjoy the music, I do.

If you liked that Jupiter Hollow are offering the CD for free.


‘Ladies’ Night’ and ‘Caryatid’

I will be posting just a short note today for the Singapore-France duo Cravism x Maya Diegel. They have released their ‘Caryatid’ and ‘Ladies’ Night’ singles via Komplex Recordings with a video that features both songs.

The two singles are in a stunning video mix blending created by Arthur Etienne and Thibaut Vega. Several weeks ago, the duo released the first single, ‘It’s Okay,’ with soulful and jazzy textures laid over lush, mellow jazz hip hop beats, transporting the listener into a chilled relaxing realm.

Out in full on October 22, the ‘Caryatid EP‘ project entails a staggered release of a track every three weeks with accompanying films, in addition to a series of online live performances of these compositions.

Enjoy, I will be back with another installment in three weeks.

‘Ladies Night / Caryatid’ https://youtu.be/s6k243RDd5k 

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/7J67cxKmyEgwrzbBZpmDn2 

‘It’s Okay’ official video https://youtu.be/mKjdYXIszYw   

‘It’s Okay’ live in studio https://youtu.be/YVYBFly7iT4   

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/64JjV5za2m5rDDg0YZiqLE 

Apple Music https://music.apple.com/ca/album/its-okay-single/1578534166  

No Sound Ever Dies

I couldn’t resist writing a short post about these two tracks from the band name of the year award winners, Emperor of Ice Cream. The album title of the year also goes to Emperor of Ice Cream for the EP titled Weather Vane. We are on a roll here, so how about just giving them the award for indie band of the year.

High accolades for a band that I had never heard of before today, but all hype aside, I do like this release. This release is a bit out of the ordinary. It is a reissue of an album that the band Emperor of Ice Cream first released almost 30 years after forming. Their debut ‘No Sound Ever Dies’ LP is getting a second pressing on white vinyl, CD, cassette & digital download via Ireland’s FIFA RECORDS 25 years after they had split in the wake of a broken contract with Sony Records. Shipping out on August 27, the day before its first anniversary, this long-player was mastered by TOM VOLPICELLI.

It may have taken longer than initially anticipated for this music to reach us, almost 30 years later, but I think it is a job well done. Based in Cork, Waterford, New York and Amsterdam, respectively, Edward Butt (bass), John ‘Haggis’ Hegarty (vocals), Graham Finn (guitars) and Colum Young (drums) managed to assemble parts from home studios in Cork and Waterford. The final touches, edits, and mixes were completed in NY. “It’s an unusual way of doing things, but with the year that world has experienced collectively, not an uncommon one these days, unfortunately. It’s a strange task, to make music with people you haven’t been in the same room as for over two decades, but the challenge was a welcome one. Overseen by Graham from his New York abode, the drums were beautifully recorded in Amsterdam at IJland Studios by Remko Schouten, who has previously worked with Pavement, Stephen Malkamus & The Jicks and Devendra Bernhardt,” says John Haggis.

The new version of No Sound Ever Dies merges the raw energy from the band that started recording this album 25 years ago and the more mature but still sharp musicians that we hear today. There is a melting together of the old and the new that just plain works.

Emperor of Ice Cream has announced their new ‘Weather Vane’ single, set for release on August 24 via FIFA Records. Mixed and produced by Graham Finn, this single was mastered by Tom Volpicelli (The Who, Iggy Pop, The Alarm, Pat Benatar, The Bloodhound Gang) at The Mastering House in New Jersey.

At the same time, they present an audio-visual taster of the B-side ‘High Rise Low Rise’, a song about growing up amongst friends who the world sees only as misfits, oddballs and freaks. Nevertheless, the ideas and dreams that flow between these strange kids will change them all and the world around them forever. The accompanying video was written and directed by Veronica Terreblanche and reimagined by John Haggis with the director’s permission.

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Rose+Crown Video

Shortly after releasing her debut 2-track single ‘Rose + Crown’ via California-based Mourning Sun Records, AMMO presents the video for the title track premiered via Post-Punk.com. Directed by AMMO herself, co-filmed by Christopher Slater, this hypnotic clip is enveloped in soft red-hued psychedelic gauze, with masked apparitions, along with AMMO’s captivating visage.


‘Rose + Crown’ is out now, available across online stores and streaming platforms, including SpotifyBandcamp and otherwise available at https://orcd.co/rose-crown.

Video https://youtu.be/lMEA4fwNIG0   
Bandcamp https://musicbyammo.bandcamp.com/album/rose-crown
Pre-save / Pre-order https://orcd.co/rose-crown
Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/musicbyammo/rose-and-crown/s-zFO3WYY22TV
‘Total Recall’ 
Spotify https://open.spotify.com/artist/1ACr4NjPUStbHIPsj68wha

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I don’t usually promote singles, lonely songs, not lonely people.

However, I will make an exception to that self-proclaimed rule today. I present That Chitty Bang Majik and Escalator for your listening pleasure, two singles that kick-started my morning.

That Chitty Bang Majik is a new single by a band that left an indelible impression on me back in May of this year when I posted my thoughts about their single and video Bluebird, Hollywood… Domino. That band is The Gorstey Lea Street Choir.

I still enjoy listening to them, and this new release only adds to my desire to own slabs of vinyl by them.

I am at a loss for words that describe what my ears are hearing when I listen to this song, so I will let The Gorstey Lea Street Choir, which is Michael Clapham and Russ Phillips, speak for themselves.

“The song came about last January after a Christmas repeat that we had both watched of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’ Michael Clapham tells us.

‘We love the film and the soundtrack, and we started discussing ‘the flying car” and before you know it ‘…That Chitty Bang Magic‘ was born,” says Russ Phillips.

“This song represents the poppier side of our indie credentials whilst still retaining our core vibe, 12 string guitars chime alongside brass punctuations and Moog synths, with the two vocal Gorstey chant upfront, telling the story of the track. We are really looking forward to folks hearing the rest of the LP in early July when it arrives, the four new tracks and the four re-imaginations of ‘Extended Play One’ tracks by Choque from Black Star Liner,” says Michael Clapham.

I concur with really looking forward to hearing the rest of the LP in July when it is released.

As of June 22, ‘That Chitty Bang Majik‘ will be available everywhere digitally, including Apple Music and Spotify. Additionally, the ‘…from Prince’s Park to Farsley – Volume I’ LP will see its release on July 9.

This music should garner The Gorstey Lea Street Choir extended air time no matter the format or delivery platform. Just listen to it is all I am saying. It is that good. I will put it on repeat, sip my beverage of choice and sit back to enjoy every nuance of The Gorstey Lea Street Choir.

Did I mention the video? No? Well, there is one on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1zJNX7YE8B0.

We have lots of links for you to click through and enjoy the music of The Gorstey Lea Street Choir.

‘That Chitty Bang Majik’ https://youtu.be/1zJNX7YE8B0 

‘Bluebird. Hollywood… Domino’ https://youtu.be/2LDscdfKDPU

Bandcamp https://500broadcast.bandcamp.com/track/that-chitty-bang-majik

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/thegorsteyleastreetchoir/bluebird-hollywood-domino/s-j3jhmWOLhRV

Single pre-save https://bit.ly/2Rgqguv

Album pre-order https://500broadcast.bandcamp.com/album/from-princes-park-to-farsley-volume-i 

Album pre-save https://bit.ly/337xS55

Wow, I got carried away with that review. I need to get some words in this blog for the second single of the day. Phoenix-based dream-electronic artist FLDPLN presents his new single Escalator previewing his full-length album by the same name. Scheduled for release on July 30, it will be digitally available and on colour vinyl via the label Sillas Famosas.

FLDPLN (“field-plan”) is the new solo project of Andrew Saks, former frontman of Southern California shoegaze band Sway. As FLDPLN, he creates a primarily electronic project with songs that feature synthesizers, vocals and layered saxophones reminiscent of 80s pop.

“Escalator is really the result of my years of dabbling in electronic music production combined with my desire to reconnect with my roots, having been a saxophone player for most of my life,” says Andrew Saks.

“For this album, I wanted to write songs that are true to the way I hear things in my head, dreamy, blurry, beautiful without compromise and incorporate the horn as a textural instrument as well as another melodic voice.”

At times, Andrew Saks horn playing features soaring leads that lift the dreamlike and serene to near-anthemic heights while, in other instances, they convey an emotional, whisper-like voice. While certainly nowhere near new to experimental music, the tone and texture of the saxophone in this context effectively lends itself to ethereal lullabies and reflective daydreams.

While textures and sound are an integral component of the music, Andrew Saks does not shy away from hook-laden songwriting. This music is highly influenced by Andrew Saks childhood memories of going to bed with Walkman headphones on and later waking up in the darkness, in a partial dream-state with the pop songs of the 1980’s – Pet Shop Boys, New Order, Bruce Springsteen, Lisa Lisa and Cult Jam, Debbie Gibson, Human League still whispering in his ears.

The ‘Escalator’ single is now available everywhere across online stores like Apple Music and streaming platforms like Spotify. The entire ‘Escalator’ LP will release on July 30 and can already be pre-ordered digitally and on colour vinyl via Bandcamp.

‘Escalator’ https://youtu.be/Lh6iS92kYss 

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/album/3V7pKnC07ZqpGJQsyThsUu 

Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/fldpln/escalator/s-2d12zarJxU8 

Album teaser https://youtu.be/H47SwiolC8A

Bandcamp https://fldpln.bandcamp.com/album/escalator

Pre-order https://fldpln.bandcamp.com

No Real Colour In Souls

Brazilian progressive rock / metal trio Pentral reveal their new single ‘No Real Colour In Souls’, one of the grooviest songs found on their debut long-player ‘What Lies Ahead of Us’, a 10-track LP with legendary producer Tim Palmer (Robert Plant, Ozzy Osbourne, David Bowie’s Tin Machine, The Mission, HIM, U2, Pearl Jam) co-producing with Pentral, Sergio Fouad and Cesar Bottinha. Palmer also mixed the LP, which was mastered by Justin Shturtz (HIM, The Psychedelic Furs, Nancy Wilson, Slipnot, Tin Machine).

Hailing from Belém in northern Brazil, Pentral is made up of Victor Lima(vocals, guitars, songwriter, lyrics), Vagner Lima (drummer) and Joe Ferri (bass guitar), this album shares the tragic reality of many Amazon dwellers, whose habitat, lifestyle and livelihood are brutally taken from them, not to mention the destruction of the forest itself. Through their videos and lyrics, Pentral tells the story about this violence and pilfering of the Amazon’s natural habitat.

“A rhythmic lengthy track, Vagner is  brilliant on the drums and Joe on the bass guitar. This was one of the hardest tracks to sing during the recording sessions. Lot of feelings involved, and I believe I could express all this vibe to the interpretation of the song,” says Victor Lima.

Earlier, Pentral released high-energy singles ‘Aiming For The Sun’‘All My Wounds’ and ‘Silent Trees’– the sonic launching pad into a concept album reflecting on today’s society, presenting the saga of a lowly couple fighting for their lives and sanity.  The accompanying video sequence was filmed in their native Amazon – a dedicated saga unfolds, track by track. Directed and edited by Roger Elarrat and produced by Luana Klautau, this also involves Lucas Escócio as director of photography, this video features actors Anne Costa, Guto Galvão, Eduarda Cursino, Boris Knez and Aldo Lima.

The lyrics speak about loss. The kid and her mother are wandering around the forest as they know they have to get out and try to go on with their lives somewhere away from that place. Racism is clearly portrayed on the song as well. This is an odious plague that still chases up the human beings and that have to be confronted. It’s a quite introspective song! It resonates with the name of the band – Pentral, which means Soul. At the end of the day, this is what we really are – a Soul, before, during, and after our material existence.

Their unique take on alternative rock can be described as progressive, heavy, groovy and melodic, while the band also deliver a strong political message about what is going on in Brazil and all over the world.

Pentral stands for ‘spirit’ in Latin, indicative of the message this band is trying to inspire via their sound – the need to transcend this material world through the power of music, without losing connection with reality and human frailties.

Deeply influenced by their Amazon roots, Pentral’s music is influenced by many global influences while also striving to honor Brazil’s groove and unique harmonies, progressive rock, metal music, atmosphere and melody. This debut album sums up years of experimentation and the search for human awareness of the environment, peace and equality.

“The album ‘What Lies Ahead of Us’ is like a “declaration” and it was conceived way before COVID-19 came out…But it kind of fits the current reality we´re going through. This pandemic is the outcome of the unfriendly way we’ve been treating our environment and ourselves as well, and it served to expose our insensitivity, our lack of empathy,”says Pentral frontman Victor Lima.

“It’s a story about a man and a woman who lives in the woods. The forest is invaded by a group of mercenaries (pretty common in Brazil) in order to burn the woods down and make money with that, the man is killed, the woman manages to survive and she is pregnant, then she gives birth to a girl, and They try to survive in the city, experiencing racism, violence, hunger, selfishness, indifference. The only thing they have – they love each other.  So, the elements of the story – environment being destroyed, people suffering discrimination by the color of their skin, by the place where they came from, being selfish and violent for the sake of their own interests and prejudices, politics and religion abuse and extremism and the only way I believe things could be solved – the power of love. The album is like a journey of the three characters (a woman, a man, and their kid) passing through all the issues I’m talking about in the lyrics for these ten songs.”

‘What Lies Ahead of Us’ album is out now everywhere digitally, including Apple Musicand Spotify. It can be ordered via https://pentral.lnk.to/WhatLiesAheadOfUs or via Amazon.

All songs written by Victor Lima
Produced by Pentral and Tim Palmer
Co-produced and engineered by Sergio Fouad and Cesar Botinha
Justin Shturtz – mastering
Tim Palmer – mixing, additional guitars, percussion and keyboards
Victor Lima – vocals and guitars
Vagner Lima – drums
Joe Ferri – bass guitar
Cover artwork by Heidi Teillefer

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Promo image

Bluebird, Hollywood… Domino

An email landed in my mailbox two days back from the fine folks over at Shameless Promotions PR. Inside the email was a link to a music video for the song Bluebird, Hollywood… Domino’ from a band that was all new to me, The Gorstey Lea Street Choir. A pair of names, one for the song and another for that band, that compelled me to know more about them. The band name comes with a story behind it. The song arrives as a story.

First things first, then shall we. Here is a link to the video:

YouTube https://youtu.be/2LDscdfKDPU

The video is a bit psychedelic in style and not for people with epilepsy but decent enough. However, it is the music that grabbed me.

The song opens with a droning synth note, which introduces a rattling snare drum in waltz tempo, followed by the other instruments and a great bass line.

Michael Clapham, half of the duo who call themselves The Gorstey Lea Street Choir, tells us that “This song is a cautionary tale of days gone by, what may have been and where we are now, we are two men in our’ mid lives’ (average age 51 and a half). We have a lot to look back and learn from and a lot to look forward too!!! It’s amazing what we have created, two middle-aged men fumbling around with some of our favourite musical toys in Russ’s converted garage,”

The other half of The Gorstey Lea Street Choir, Russ Philips adds this about the song.

“We are both very proud of what this track and the upcoming mini-LP represents, plus we also cannot wait for you to hear the re-imaginations that our friend and collaborator Choque (Black Star Liner) has created to go alongside the 4 original tracks,” adds Russ Philips.

The band is essentially two friends on a life-long journey; having met as teenagers in the mid-’80s, it took until 2016 for them to turn their teenage plans — discussed back when both were involved in aspiring Manchester bands — into a reality with the birth of this project.

Michael and Russ formed the band after reuniting for Russ’s birthday party and a subsequent impromptu gig. After 15 plus years of not playing an instrument, singing or songwriting, Michael dove back in with an enthusiasm that led to such a massive response from the crowd and landlord alike that the two songs turning into two hours and a guaranteed booking the next month. ‘What’s your band name, boys?” they were asked and ‘The Gorstey Lea Street Choir’ is quickly retorted with a tip of the hat to Van Morrison‘s LP ‘His Band And The Street Choir.’

As of May 13, ‘Bluebird, Hollywood… Domino’ will be available everywhere digitally, including Apple Music and Spotify. The entire album’…from Prince’s Park to Farsley – Volume I’ will be released on July 9 and can already be pre-ordered via the label’s Bandcamp.

Closing remark: mark July 9 on your calendar, you are going to love this album when it comes out.

Keep up with The Gorstey Lea Street Choir

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I don’t usually write reviews of song videos, but I am willing to make an exemption with the new video from Wassailer, for the song Ghosts, from his album of the same name.

I’m a sucker for alt-jazz and visually exciting video’s and Ghosts grabbed my attention and a couple of watching’s later I want to watch it again. The song itself is a good listen but married to this video it is mesmerizing. The sax driving the music forward and the rock steady bass lines pulled me into the song ,and the way the footage pulsated entertained my eyes made the video addictive. I am hooked, no intervention required, thank you very much.

The album is out available for streaming, via Empty Street Records.

For press enquiries, please contact james@mysticsons.com

Directed & Animated by Matthew Tyas SUBSCRIBE for more videos from WASSAILER here : https://bit.ly/32aQXU4​​ “Ghosts” (feat. DemiMa & Johnny Woodham) taken from the debut album “i, the bastard” – out now : https://wassailer.lnk.to/ithebastard​ Limited Edition Vinyls: http://wassailer.shop/​ © WASSAILER / Empty Streets Records Follow WASSAILER: http://instagram.com/wassailerfm​http://facebook.com/wassailerfm​http://soundcloud.com/wassailerfm​http://twitter.com/wassailerfm​​ Follow Matthew Tyas: http://mtyas.com​ Follow DemiMa: http://www.itsdemima.com Follow Johnny Woodham: https://www.johnnywoodham.com

Crawford Mack / Firing Squad

This is a great sone with a great video to round it out. I present for your viewing pleasure: Crawford Mack and his new single/video, Firing Squad.

Following on from the release of his gracious love ballad ‘Depends on Where You Stand’, we see a change in the singer, as he swaps orchestral melodies for downtempo acoustic stings in his second offering ‘Firing Squad’. Building a sharp momentum using melodious gentle guitar riffs and a rhythmic drumbeat, ‘Firing Squad’ explores the power of a guilt-ridden conscience that one might feel due to their own behaviour; specifically targeting the action of mistreating others. 

Accompanied by a short film conceptualised by the songwriter, the new music video directed by Liam Hendrix Heath, borrows heavily from space oddity era Bowie and Stanley Kubrick; following an astronaut’s journey through suburbia and his past in a jarring, mirroring the claustrophobia and hidden menace of the track. 

The lyrics draw on the use of power to oppress the powerless and were inspired by a reference in a William Mcllvanney book to the blindfold used in firing squads being to spare the shooters seeing the condemned eyes. The teacher in the film embodying a particular personal memory for Crawford.

Discussing the new music video, Crawford tells us: “I didn’t want to go for something obvious with a literal ‘Firing Squad’ and soldiers because I think I’ve seen plenty of that in music videos before. Liam and I spent a long time over lockdown talking through what the song was about for me, until one day out of the blue, he came up with the idea of the astronaut walking past tableaus that are flashbacks of his life. The idea grew from there until we started to create our antagonist teacher character for the final face-off.”






Press enquiries, please contact james@mysticsons.com or leanne@mysticsons.com

Press enquiries please contact james@mysticsons.com or leanne@mysticsons.com