No Sound Ever Dies

I couldn’t resist writing a short post about these two tracks from the band name of the year award winners, Emperor of Ice Cream. The album title of the year also goes to Emperor of Ice Cream for the EP titled Weather Vane. We are on a roll here, so how about just giving them the award for indie band of the year.

High accolades for a band that I had never heard of before today, but all hype aside, I do like this release. This release is a bit out of the ordinary. It is a reissue of an album that the band Emperor of Ice Cream first released almost 30 years after forming. Their debut ‘No Sound Ever Dies’ LP is getting a second pressing on white vinyl, CD, cassette & digital download via Ireland’s FIFA RECORDS 25 years after they had split in the wake of a broken contract with Sony Records. Shipping out on August 27, the day before its first anniversary, this long-player was mastered by TOM VOLPICELLI.

It may have taken longer than initially anticipated for this music to reach us, almost 30 years later, but I think it is a job well done. Based in Cork, Waterford, New York and Amsterdam, respectively, Edward Butt (bass), John ‘Haggis’ Hegarty (vocals), Graham Finn (guitars) and Colum Young (drums) managed to assemble parts from home studios in Cork and Waterford. The final touches, edits, and mixes were completed in NY. “It’s an unusual way of doing things, but with the year that world has experienced collectively, not an uncommon one these days, unfortunately. It’s a strange task, to make music with people you haven’t been in the same room as for over two decades, but the challenge was a welcome one. Overseen by Graham from his New York abode, the drums were beautifully recorded in Amsterdam at IJland Studios by Remko Schouten, who has previously worked with Pavement, Stephen Malkamus & The Jicks and Devendra Bernhardt,” says John Haggis.

The new version of No Sound Ever Dies merges the raw energy from the band that started recording this album 25 years ago and the more mature but still sharp musicians that we hear today. There is a melting together of the old and the new that just plain works.

Emperor of Ice Cream has announced their new ‘Weather Vane’ single, set for release on August 24 via FIFA Records. Mixed and produced by Graham Finn, this single was mastered by Tom Volpicelli (The Who, Iggy Pop, The Alarm, Pat Benatar, The Bloodhound Gang) at The Mastering House in New Jersey.

At the same time, they present an audio-visual taster of the B-side ‘High Rise Low Rise’, a song about growing up amongst friends who the world sees only as misfits, oddballs and freaks. Nevertheless, the ideas and dreams that flow between these strange kids will change them all and the world around them forever. The accompanying video was written and directed by Veronica Terreblanche and reimagined by John Haggis with the director’s permission.

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