‘You Still Mean Too Much To Me,’

Good day, all. I hope all is well in your world—just a short bump today for a new music video. The iconic post-punk band Pink Turns Blue has unveiled the video for ‘You Still Mean Too Much To Me,’ a beautiful film to their new single. Portraying figures who are utterly alone, reflective, and seeking an elusive connection, this video echoes themes of isolation felt during the process or working through grief over the loss of a loved one.

This past week, the band announced that their new album ‘Tainted’ will be released in autumn on limited edition vinyl, CD and digitally via Orden Records.

They also recently shared two enticing singles – ‘There Must Be So Much More’ and ‘So Why Not Save The World’.

‘You Still Mean Too Much To Me’ is now everywhere, including Apple Music and Spotify. Orden Records will release the ‘Tainted’ LP on September 24. It will be available digitally and in two physical formats – a CD with a 16-page booklet and black vinyl, strictly limited to 500 copies, with an 8-page booklet. Both can be pre-ordered exclusively via the band’s website.

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1 thought on “‘You Still Mean Too Much To Me,’

  1. Great information. Cool sound reminiscent of New Order to me. A pleasant journey thru difficult terrain. Look.forward to the Album. Oh to have the dosh to get the vinyl.


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