The album art on the front sleeve of the new album by FLDPLN shows a young person on an escalator, presumably going down based upon the direction this young person is facing. The direction this album should be going in the charts is up. If you like some chill electro-pop, then this is the album for you.

FLDPLN (“field-plan”) is the solo project of Andrew Saks, the former frontman of Southern California shoegaze band Sway. This album was written, produced, recorded and mixed by Andrew Saks at his home studio in Phoenix, Arizona. FLDPLN is truly a one-man-band.

Escalator is really the result of my years of dabbling in electronic music production combined with my desire to reconnect with my roots, having been a saxophone player for most of my life,” Andrew tells us.

“For this album, I wanted to write songs that are true to the way I hear things in my head, dreamy, blurry, beautiful without compromise and incorporate the horn as a textural instrument as well as another melodic voice.”

I am on board with Andrew Saks; I like what I hear in my head when I listen to Escalator. It takes me away to a nice place where I can float along blissfully chilled out. Tasteful digital music samples are combined with layers of saxophone and synthesizers to paint a pleasant audio picture.

I have enjoyed putting this album on play and going about some of my regular everyday tasks. Escalator makes a great platform to build my day on. I can hear what Andrew Saks has to offer while taking care of some of the mundane activities of my life.

Escalator is available for your listening pleasure via the Sillas Famosas label through online music stores.

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