Ender Bender

Promo cover artEnder Bender
Have A Good Time 
12 May 2021
Electro-indiepop artist Ender Bender breaks free from lockdown on “Have a Good Time’ single

FOR FANS OF: Gunship, The Midnight, Twin Shadow, The Weeknd, LeBrock, Mitch Murder, Ace Marino
FCC clean
Studio photos by Roberta Ovatta. Other photos by Gabriel Parra

‘Have a Good Time’ https://soundcloud.com/iamenderbender/have-a-good-time/s-4KKRsj1Cb1r
‘EQ’ EP (2020) https://enderbender.bandcamp.com/album/eq-ep
Honey Lavender Girl https://youtu.be/ixkxGd3oVho
Star Killer https://youtu.be/TZw3Uap1nJI

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