Supernaive Versions

After burning cars, driving a Toyota 2000GT (, partying in Tokyo (, and being on a TV show ( for their debut album “Nekomata” (2020), Supernaive decided to turn their most famous tracks into club versions. 

« The idea came to us last year during confinement in Paris, not being able to listen to or play music in concert. The composition of “Versions” became for us a way to escape, to dream of more festive days, while waiting to be able to go back on stage. » 

This album is also an introduction to their live show, which we hope you will be able to discover soon! 

Supernaive consists of two brothers – bound by blood and sound – blending electronic and acoustic music in an inventive and delicate way. Masks, symbols of eternal youth in Japanese Noh theater cover their faces, allowing the music to give life to their poetic doubles.

To celebrate the first birthday of their album “Nekomata” (2020), Supernaive presents “Versions”, containing 8 alternative versions of their most famous songs as well as 2 bonus tracks. With this new record, they offer bangers after bangers, from breakbeat to acid, in their own colorful way. Despite this explosive mixture, they keep their original sensitivity, and create a perfectly balanced composition, making their vintage synthesizers sing dreamlike melodies and spit relentless rhythms. As usual, François Baurin at mixing (Rone) and Alexis Bardinet at mastering (The Blaze), came to bring the last touch to this electronic piece.
You will (re)discover these 10 tracks in their live show, magnified by a tailor-made scenography and cinematographic projections, immersing yourself in their unique universe.
“We took great pleasure in radically transforming our tracks by imagining the crowd on the dance-floor. It was a way for us to escape in these times of confinement. We can’t wait to play them to you in concert!” » Supernaive.


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