Global Network

From the suburbs of Paris, Global Network has set their sights on exporting their music around the world through global networks. 

Global Network is Loris Sasso and Nils Peschanski. Although they both grew up in the suburbs of Paris, it took a few years for them to connect the dots and make music together.

“We complement each other pretty well”, says Loris. “Nils has the grounding in musical theory, so when it comes to finding chords, it’s like going to the supermarket, there’s plenty of choice. He throws out loads of ideas and easily finds beautiful sounds with his synth. Then I take care of the beats and vocal melodies. But we’re always guiding each other to get the best result for the track.

Their first ever show happened in 2019, in the suburb of Essonne (aka ‘le 91’), where Nils grew up, but since then they’ve toured Slovenia and played in the UK, at festivals, in a high school, even in a prison. We like new and different experiences,” they say, a point reflected in the name Global Network.

Touching on universal themes such as the relentless pursuit of love on the song ‘Want You’ to their paean to lost love on ‘Let Me Go’, Global Network make accessible music.“We were looking for something fun with a touch of naïve ambition, like an import-export business planning to take on the world from its base in the Gare du Nord. It doesn’t bracket us in any particular style. But also, over time, it’s also become about our desire to connect with people through our music, and to live new experiences.”

Global Network looks forward to doing live shows where they can explore their sound and adapt in on the fly. Live they leave themselves the freedom to adapt tracks, extend them, feeding into and feeding off the energy of crowds. Loris can croon sensitively on the slower jams or ride, the faster rhythms as the energy builds. For their shows, they’ve made a conscious decision to steer clear of laptops and focus on the immediacy of drum machines (two Elektrons) and a Korg for the warm washes of synth. “It took quite a while to get the set up right,” they say, “but it really enriches our sound in terms of the precision and its personal, raw feel.”

Global Networks EP, Cool Moments is being released May 22, 2020

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