French producers and brothers Supernaive are releasing new single ‘Warriors, taken from their debut album Nekomata. Mixing electronica with R&B they present a palate for the vocals of Carmeline, who also stars in the video:

WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZ1pvnD1yGo&feature=emb_title

Recorded between Paris and Tokyo, the record features elements of electronica and RnB while drawing on Japanese cultural reference points, most obviously in the masks, they wear which are a symbol of eternal youth in Japanese Noh theatre.

The soundtrack provides the backdrop for the narrative of the song – Carmeline is a warrior running from something or someone through terrain that varies from the stark almost Matian rocky outcrops to fields of plenty. There are two scenes of Carmiline setting a car on fire and walking away.

The first fire could be the start of her conflict. The second opens the door to the end of the battle, where we see the Japanese masks.

Inspired by early Tomb Raider games along with the tension found in 1970s thrillers such as Spielberg’s Duel, the video plays out Carmeline’s lyrical story, depicting her being hunted in a high-speed pursuit across an unforgiving wasteland.

‘Warriors’ will be available everywhere from May 22nd 2020. 


For press enquiries contact jgreen@mysticsons.com

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