Baby Taylah

Bay Taylah Good Enough

Baby Taylah has an E.P. out called Good Enough, and she takes on the universal and timeless question of self-evaluation, in the song of the same name as the E.P. She repeatedly asks if she is good enough. Good enough for whom, I ask? Good enough for our self imposed standards, which are often far higher than those of anyone else. Good enough for the son that you make mention? Are we good parents? Do we teach them to be the best that they can be or do we push them to be better than us at their peril? To quote another great song, do we “teach our children well??

The question that Baby Taylah thrusts upon us, are we good enough, is not only timeless, it is also challenging to answer. Never the less we are left not only with the burden of self-doubt but are then hit with the next question from her, “will I be good”? Good, by what standards? Mine? Baby Taylah’s? Societies? Which society, they are not all equal and will all give a different answer to that question.

This recording will leave you bouncing these social/philosophical/religious questions around in your head, and that is only the first song on this four-song E.P.

 I don’t want to give all the secrets away, so I suggest you put on some headphone, earbuds or whatever, and give a listen to this recording that I deem good enough. Good enough for a solid positive review. Good enough for a repeat play. It is good.

Good Enough E.P. is available to stream via Icons Creating Evil Art.

For press enquiries, please contact

Reviewed by Norman

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