The Insecurities of Summer Heart

Insecurities is the title of the new EP from the Swedish musician who goes by the moniker of Summer Heart. My brain keeps telling me to type Summer Heat because we had a hot, dry summer in my pin drop on Google Maps.

So, let us dive into what I hear happening in the music and lyrics of this EP which follows on the heels of his late 2020 EP Ambitions, which received a favourable review from WeatheredMusic,

The opening track of the EP is also the title track, Insecurities, and it introduces us to the narrator. He is running away from something. In some form of transportation in which he is playing the radio too loud. Possibly in an attempt to overrun the memories on loop in his brain. Memories have taken him 90 miles or 144 kilometres to a lake where he has some pleasant memories of what used to be.

Back to the present and we learn that the author is very insecure and can’t make any sense of what his world has become. The song ends with him crashing into the car of the person that he is obsessed with and cutting down the flowers that that person loved. A violent end to a journey of discovery. A journey in search of meaning for the life that he has left for living.

The song Inside Out gets real for the author of the piece. He tells us this.

“I have a tendency to 

say I’m getting better

but really I’m a quitter

quitting under pressure”

It takes intestinal fortitude to admit out falts. Step 4 of the 12 step program tells us to make a searching and fearless moral inventory. Saying that he is a quitter is a small step, but an important one, towards a complete inventory.

Next up, the centrepiece of this EP is the song Wash You Off, another small step towards that inventory with the confession that he struggles with being prideful. Unfortunately, that is a short-lived victory. The ink is barely dry on that page before he dives back into wobbling between telling his lover that the affair is over and then saying that he doesn’t “wanna stop.” He ends the song by throwing the responsibility to her when he is confused and messed up, not her. You gotta own it, bro.

I’m not sure, but song four, Clean, could work as an anthem to an addiction treatment plan.

“I can keep it clean.”

Alternatively, it comes off as the plaintive cry of a broken man.

“nothing kinda turned out as I planned.” Man up because “Life is what happens to you while you are making other plans.”

The EP closes with the song Too Many Miles, which has some good confessional or step 4 material. 

“We don’t talk anymore.”

“I’ve been running way too many miles.”

“I’ve been fighting way too many fights.”

Unfortunately, he then starts to tentatively say that he “kind of wanna start over again.”

At the start of the last refrain of the song Too Many Miles, the author states they “don’t fight anymore.” A wise person once told me that if a couple isn’t fighting, they aren’t communicating. They let everything bottle up inside, which usually leads to an explosion of messy results. So, if you don’t even fight anymore, I kind of think this event is over.

“You swipe right like a sport.” Now ring the final bell.

I enjoyed this adventure in music, but I think it just falls short of its full potential. Put some edge on those synths. Don’t pull the punches. Put some darkness in there, make the vocals cry, shout and even wail when appropriate. Let us, the listeners, really hear the pain. All I hear now are some lovely songs. These lyrics demand more than pleasant. They need some real emotion thrown in.

Take a look at the photo below. Is this man bubbling over with sweet happy thoughts?

No. He is pensive. He looks confused. Perhaps a bit lonely. Pained perhaps but not bubbling over with happiness and I think the music and vocal delivery should support this photo with all the emotional rawness that it projects.

Exemplary musicianship and good storytelling for this EP, I give it a thumbs up and anticipate more from Summer Heart. The potential is there for more excellent music from this emerging artist.

Summer Heart’s new EP ‘Insecurities’ is out on the 3rd September via Icons Creating Evil Art.







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Chewing Gum

This is a follow up from a review that I posted back in October of 2020. I had been listening to Promise and the Monster and I was loving every moment. Then I put the album on the shelf until just this past week. Promise and the Monster’s EP was officially released and I have been listening to it over and over again. This is good music my friends.

Having established herself as one of Sweden’s most esoteric and mesmerizing songwriters, with
critical acclaim from Uncut, Mojo, Clash and Pitchfork, Promise and the Monster has set
forth on a new path with her upcoming EP Chewing Gum out on 30th April 2021 on her new
home label Icons Creating Evil Art.

Promise and the Monster is the brainchild of Stockholm-based Billie Lindhal. Now joined by Love
Martinsen, who Billie calls “the invisible other half”, Promise and the Monster is undergoing an
electronic tilt. Inspired by the discord between urban and rural, Billie balances organic
instrumentation with ethereal soundscapes — a heavenly synergy that is more prevalent than ever on Chewing Gum.
Chewing Gum follows leading singles ‘Beating Heart’ and ‘Closed My Eyes’, continuing her penchant for finding the romantic within the dark. Whilst demonstrating a shift towards electronic

instrumentation, Billie’s roots as a classical musician shine through, with cinematic string sections
adjoined with shimmering synths lifting each track into a warm, fairy-tale haze. “Chewing Gum is a
collection of songs that are dreamy, dark and romantic and spins little stories from hell” she says.
Traversing the ambiguous, Chewing Gum creates allure in the unsaid and leaves space for
interpretation. Inspiration doesn’t run short in the world that Billie Lindhal has crafted with her
music, touching on unrequited love, sisterhood and the many reasons someone might close their
eyes. She says, “I wrote ‘Closed My Eyes’ surprisingly quickly after thinking about the ambiguity in
that image, closing one’s eyes for various reasons. It was good fuel. The women in this song are out roaming in the streets.”
However, her musings also extend past the human psyche. Third track, ‘One Summer’ took shape
after watching Swedish 1950s drama, Sawdust And Tinsel, a tale of a travelling circus, she says, “We watched a movie called Sawdust and Tinsel to get the right feeling while recording this one. It is about a tired circus company dragging their circus wagons around in a dusty old landscape.”
The six-track EP features four unheard songs from Promise And The Monster: ‘Diamonds On
Concrete’, ‘Vykort Från Förr’, ‘One Summer’ and title-track ‘Chewing Gum’. Each track serves as a
platform for the hypnotic power of Billie’s haunting vocal.

Chewing Gum comes out on 30 th April 2021 via Icons Creating Evil Art.


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A Summer Heart with Ambitions

Following on from his ‘12 Songs Of Summer’ project, which has seen him release a new song or remix every month for the past year, Swedish musical troubadour David Alexander aka Summer Heart has now returned to announce the details behind his latest EP ‘Ambitions’, which arrives on 6th November 2020.

Having been performing independently for over eight years, Summer Heart is now signed to the renowned Swedish label Icons Creating Evil Art. With an already impressive roster under their belts, the imprint is set to become a welcome home to the frontman’s breezy and lovable direction.

Much like his work to date, his latest collection looks to take influence and inspiration from his everyday life, which has always given him an extremely down-to-earth and relatable style of writing. Filled with his bright and euphoric aesthetic, each track looks to tell the story of the man behind the name, giving us a more humbled and intimate feel to his direction.

Written between his recent trip to California and his hometown in Malmö, Sweden, the frontman treats us to a blend of personal tales in his lovelife, to just letting himself go and experiencing life as it happens. While singles like ‘Ambitions’ and ‘Black Jeans’ tackle the anxieties and insecurities of what to do next, the EP’s closer ‘Motorcycle’ sees him in renewed spirits, shaking off past experiences and letting himself feel free once again.

But continuing to keep his cards close to his heart, this new release is still filled with all the romantic ventures he is known for. With ‘Good Together’ seeing him pursue that bright and elegant dream-pop sound we all know and love, the EP’s opener ‘Ambitions’ and closer ‘Motorcycle’ act as the bookends for this sweeping new journey. Bringing a sweet and effortless energy throughout, they mark the beginning and end of an emphatic journey that looks to cement the same positive direction that landed him his first record deal.

Speaking about his new collection, he said, “Before going on tour I always make sure to wrap up all the work I have postponed or ignored so I can come back to a blank slate. But since my tour got cancelled it was the first time in my adult life I actually didn’t have anything to do. It was very freeing and I could sit down and think about what I wanted to create and what I had struggled with in the past. I realised I’ve just wanted too much and never really been able to slow down and see things from a different perspective. The EP itself is about having high ambitions and wanting to do so many things at the same time but not always knowing where to put your focus.”

Summer Heart’s new EP ‘Ambitions’ will be available to stream and download from 6th November 2020 via Icons Creating Evil Art.







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Promise And The Monster

Our brains are marvellous repositories of life experiences, including music and every time we listen to a piece of music bits and pieces of it get stored in our long term memory. When I hear some new music, my brain wants to associate this new music with something concrete, a piece of music that I have listened to previously and stored in my medial prefrontal cortex. The more I listen to an album, the stronger the neural connection and the easier it is to retrieve that memory.

I have spent the last week listening to “Chewing Gum”, the soon to be released EP from Promise And The Monster, aka Billie Lindahl. My brain has been trying to make associations between this new music and bits and pieces of older music strewn throughout my prefrontal cortex. I feel that there are bits of Enya swooping and swirling about, listen for it on the song “Vykort från förr” and the title track “Chewing Gum”. Her use of bass lines that build the music up to create tension shows a connection to Orinoco Flow in my brain cells.

There are also healthy doses of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, most evident in the use of cello on the track “One Summer”. Listen for it on Nick Cave’s album and the title track ” And No More Shall We Part”.

Billie Lindahl learned the cello at school playing Swedish folk music. My remarkable brain neurons through some feat of molecular engineering that I do not understand made a connection between Swedish folk music and Australian alt-rock, go figure.

I keep thinking of Maryanne Faithful as I listened to this new music from Promise And The Monster. I don’t know where that comes from, but I can’t seem to shake it. Let me know if you can hear it, and where if you do.

I heard echoes of Enya, Nick Cave, and Maryanne Faithful, on the other hand, Billie Lindahl tells us that she took her inspiration from Nick Drake, Kaki King and Elliot Smith. I only know for sure that Billie Lindahl sounds a lot like Promise And The Monster and that is a good thing. I also know that after umpteen listens, Chewing Gum is permanently stuck in my brain.

After she debuted her EP Antaktis in 2007 at the age of 18, Billie Lindahl kept very busy over the ensuing years releasing her solo music, as well as under her alias Promise And The Monster. She also collaborated with like-minded musicians such as Alcest and This Gift is a Curse.

“Feed The Fire”; her third full-length album came out in 2016, produced by Love Martinsen. In 2020, Martinsen joined Billie to co-write her upcoming material. The new songs explore a less introspective side of her psyche, with an emphasis on the tongue-in-cheek nature lurking beneath a veneer of earnestness.

On the signing news, Billie tells us, “I’m so pleased, together we can take this in a great new direction. I used to like writing quite cryptic stuff, but I tried hard this time to get out of that safe haven and be more direct. The new songs often express the feeling of being that last person at the party, dancing slowly in the background, waiting for something to happen. Like a sad moonlight disco.”

While the label Icons Creating Evil Art added, “We are thrilled to welcome one of the most iconic voices in dark pop to our evil art family. Promise and the Monster has been working right beneath the surface and in the shadows creating the most beautiful world of her own. It’s time we invite you all to share it with us!”

I invite anyone reading this to listen to the EP “Chewing Gum” when it is released. The single “Closed My Eyes”, is available wherever fine listening is offered.

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Happy listening and play safe.

Summer Heat – Good Together

Lost loves. Lost feelings. Lost time. Lost emotions. Lost friends. Lost lovers.

Summer Heart have hit a chord that indeed resonates within all of us on his new single ‘Good Together”.

What if we could go back in time?

I know it’s been a while.

What if we gave it one more shot?

We have so many, many questions and not enough answers. There are, however, some answers. We can not go back in time, and when we try to, we can never capture the magic of that time. I went to a school reunion, and while I enjoyed seeing the people that I shared bus rides and classrooms with, I very quickly learned that we don’t want one more shot. All of those people got so old, why didn’t they stay young like me? And what about all the loves I have lost? It turns out that they have done very well without me.

Summer Heart, aka David Alexander, has released a new single, ‘Good Together’, ahead of the release of his EP ‘Ambitions’, which arrives on November 6th, 2020. ‘Good Together’ gives us smooth as silk synthesizers that hide the pain that lingers in the lyrics of this song. This song is an excellent teaser for Summer Heats EP arriving this fall on Icons Creating Evil Art.

Summer Heart – Good Together

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Baby Taylah

Bay Taylah Good Enough

Baby Taylah has an E.P. out called Good Enough, and she takes on the universal and timeless question of self-evaluation, in the song of the same name as the E.P. She repeatedly asks if she is good enough. Good enough for whom, I ask? Good enough for our self imposed standards, which are often far higher than those of anyone else. Good enough for the son that you make mention? Are we good parents? Do we teach them to be the best that they can be or do we push them to be better than us at their peril? To quote another great song, do we “teach our children well??

The question that Baby Taylah thrusts upon us, are we good enough, is not only timeless, it is also challenging to answer. Never the less we are left not only with the burden of self-doubt but are then hit with the next question from her, “will I be good”? Good, by what standards? Mine? Baby Taylah’s? Societies? Which society, they are not all equal and will all give a different answer to that question.

This recording will leave you bouncing these social/philosophical/religious questions around in your head, and that is only the first song on this four-song E.P.

 I don’t want to give all the secrets away, so I suggest you put on some headphone, earbuds or whatever, and give a listen to this recording that I deem good enough. Good enough for a solid positive review. Good enough for a repeat play. It is good.

Good Enough E.P. is available to stream via Icons Creating Evil Art.

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Reviewed by Norman

 ‘Live One Life’ 

Völuspa, aka Kirsten Knick, channels myth and magic on her spellbinding new single ‘Live One Life’ , which Paper Mag described as “catchy pop tunes that sound like fever dreams starring a coven of witches led by Stevie Nicks”.  Völsupa returns with the first single from her debut album due for release January 2020 via Icons Creating Evil Art


‘Live One Life’ is like walking in a dream with a mesmerizing soundtrack and vocals that pull us deep into a catchy pop song that takes on the tough questions of life and death. Driving beats and swelling synth arrangements propel the song forward while Völsupa poses an eternal question on the song’s refrain – ‘Do we ever really die?’

There are no easy answers to such big questions, but ‘Live One Life’ remains hopeful and philosophical, and it is here Knick fully embodies the persona of Völsupa – all-mighty, all-knowing, eternal and omnipresent, as she announces to the listener ‘My love for you can never die.’

On her new single ‘Live One Life’, Knick submerges herself entirely in her alter ego as she looks directly to the Nordic mythical legend of ‘Völuspa’ for divine inspiration.

The Line of Best Fit: “Tinged with delicate dream-pop, Völuspa’s calm pacing translates into a lullaby with the airy instrumentals that softly echo into the horizon.”

Paper Mag: “cerebral, but undeniably catchy pop tunes that sound like fever dreams starring a coven of witches led by Stevie Nicks.”

As Knick explains: “Völuspa speaks to your subconscious realm. The dreams, the nightmares, the old lovers, the future self, the past self and to the holiness inside of you. It haunts you and comforts you at the same time.”



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