Depends On Where You Stand

This song has been on replay mode all week. Maybe I like it. Perhaps the sea is a bit salty. Maybe, yeah, just maybe. Here I go listening to it again. Hear I go listening to ‘Depends On Where You Stand” again.

Not only a catchy bit of music but interesting lyrics that reminded me of Modest Mussorgsky’s “Pictures At An Exhibition”. Elaborating on his interpretation of the track, Crawford tells us: “Two former lovers meet together in an art gallery, and they’re out of awkward pleasantries to exchange. No amount of hastily formed opinions on the artwork displayed can drown out what they are neglecting to discuss. They play-out a Hollywood-Esq sequence of trying not to be caught sneaking a glance, whilst attempting to give each other enough space by dancing around each other at a pace that is as excruciating as it is conspicuous.” Brilliant, simply brilliant.

Hailing from Glasgow, Crawford Mack draws on the influence of various works of literature that he devours with an insatiable appetite for words. Crawford is not just a composer and lyricist; he is also a video and art director, and he bringings all of these talents together for the expression of his musical vision.

Initially, Crawford was a jazz musician, breaking out of that genre box he has created a musical sound that, in his words, found ‘the sweet spot between Led Zeppelin and Joni Mitchell’.  Crawford has collaborated with a wide variety of musicians from jazz, rock, electronic, and classical music projects. Those experiences came together and resulted in a journey to Antwerp to record his upcoming debut album, ‘Depends On Where You Stand’.

I would encourage you to give the teaser title track a spin while we wait in anticipation of the album release.

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