DJ Shub/Shake Ya Bustle

I was familiar with A Tribe Called Red in name only. To understand where an artist is, I like to look at what they have recorded in the past. When I received the invitation from Mystic Sons to review the new single by DJ Shub, I listened to A Tribe Called Red, which is where DJ Shub previously recorded. A Tribe Called Red have received many accolades including a Juno Award, Canada’s equivalent of a Grammy.

I don’t give out awards, but I do submit reviews, and occasionally I will grade a release with stars. For Shake Ya Bustle by DJ Shub I will give a favourable review.

I like it. Shake Ya Bustle is a bit light in the lyrics department, A Tribe Called Red used story songs frequently; however, what lyrics there are, are used very effectively. Shake Ya Bustle got stuck in my brain, even as I write this, I am nodding my head to the refrain, shake ya bustle, shake ya bustle. I probably won’t shake my bustle, but I will nod my head, tap my toe and play the song again to reinforce the earworm.

DJ Shub has taken the rhythm of traditional drums and turned it on its side with new samples and synth sounds that work like magic. I love it and look forward to hearing more from DJ Shub.

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