Lee O’Brien, This Is Me

This is me, is the title of the new single from Lee O’Brien, from his forthcoming album. It will now be an agonizing wait until I get the vinyl of this album because if this single indicates its power, it will probably knock my socks off.

Catchy music, intelligent and insightful lyrics delivered in a clear and firm vocal style. This release has it all.
Lee O’Brien lists The Beatles and Pink Floyd as his influences, and he can’t go wrong there. They are consistently on my turntable as well.
He proudly proclaims that he plays Pop/Rock, which sounds about right after giving him a good listen. It sure ain’t jazz! He also says that he plays music in flavours similar to John Lennon, Oasis and Beatles. Those are good flavours, that make tasteful and tasty music.
Inspiration? Lee tells us it was “following your dreams. Whatever that dream may be, for me, it was being able to write an album good enough for release, which I believe we have achieved.”
Yes, Lee O’Brien, you have achieved that and more. Many albums get released, but precious few cause me to keep hitting the replay button. This bit of music does that. I keep listening, again and again. Lee O’Brien, your album is not only good enough for release; it is good enough to top the charts. Keep on dreaming, and I will keep on listening.





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