The Casual Sexists

The Casual Sexists are willing constituents of the emerging wave of satirical, frenetic Avant-pop. Embarking on what they call their magnum opus, the Brooklyn-based dyad have disclosed the coming of their debut album; Your Prescription Is Ready. The first single lifted from the record is ‘My Heartbeat Keeps Me Awake’, which came out 5th March 2021 via the indie label It’s Hurting My Feelings. Their debut album, ‘Your Prescription Is Ready,’ will be out on 7th May 2021.

The Casual Sexists, that’s a great band name. Right? Just that name compels me to listen to them to find out what is behind the moniker. I found catchy synthpop that is reminiscent of Gary Numan on his album In Cars or Martha and the Muffins on Metro Music. Smart lyrics and a beat that compels me to tap my foot or bob my head, a good recipe for a best selling album. The Casual Sexists are on the right track.

I was hooked by the lyrics that The Casual Sexists throw out:

“My heartbeat keeps me awake 

Repeating information that I already know.”

Putting our brains on an endless loop as we fight to get some sleep. Yeah, I’ve been there and done that—more than once.

“I dance, although I feel like I could die.”

The music lifts my spirits when my brain wants to curl up in a corner and make the world go away. The music compelled me to get up and dance, and those moments, those three-minute songs, keep me going. They give me life instead of dying. And “I dance although I feel like I could die.”

I call the lyrics on “My Heartbeat Keeps Me Awake” anthems to the aging. Aging is a constant reality from the moment we are born till the day we die. It is happening to every one of us, every minute. And The Casual Sexists have fun with it.

I give them a hearty thumbs up for the single “‘My Heartbeat Keeps Me Awake’.

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