When This Gets Out

When this gets out, you will have some fantastic music for your listening pleasure. When This Gets Out is the lead single from The Persian Leaps new recording Drone Etiquette, a 6-track recording arriving on October 1 via Land Ski Records. I had a nice trip down memory lane while listening to When This Gets Out, it was an enchanting journey. It triggered memories of music that came and went many moons ago. I won’t bother you with a long boring reading list, but trust me, this hit excited neurons that had been dormant for years.

From the distorted guitar that opens, When This Gets Out, the music is catchy and mesmerizing. Drew Forsberg, the face of The Persian Leaps, has crafted a master class of music that weaves down the lane with images of days gone past. From the jangling guitar sound of the ’60s to the distortion of the post-punk bands of the ’90s. This album has it all. Plenty of top ten to satisfy anyone’s taste.

Lyrics? You bet. There are downright intelligent lyrics. I’ll let Drew Forsberg tell you about them:

“Each week, it seemed there was a new Trump-related scandal that by rights should have sunk him. However, instead of consequences, the scandal would be eclipsed the next week by something even more appalling. After a while, people didn’t even bother to pay attention. ‘When This Gets Out‘ imagines something big enough to cut through the apathy, alienate the enablers and apologists, and finally make a difference. Also, starting the EP with the song seemed very appropriate. “When this gets out, the shit will hit the fans.”

‘When This Gets Out’ will be available today, August 19, 2021, exclusively via Bandcamp. On October 1, the full ‘Drone Etiquette‘ album will be released on CD and online platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify. It is already available for pre-order via Bandcamp. I will do a complete album review On or about October 1 if the good lord is willing and the creek don’t rise.

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