Jupiter Hollow

I do not remember when I first encountered the music of the young lads known collectively as Jupiter Hollow. The thank-you paragraph at the end of the insert in the CD case tells us that Jupiter Hollow started as two young musicians, Grant and Kenny, who began jamming in their basements back in 2015.

I’m glad that their parents granted their blessing on the noise that at times must have sounded like it emanated from the bowels of the earth itself or at least the region where “Hades Heart” resides. That is the second track on a rather expansive album titled AHDOMN. I will take a wild guess that AHDOMN is pronounced Adam.

The style of music presented to us on AHDOMN is most certainly prog, and I like prog, so that is most likely what attracted me to this album. It isn’t a new album; they released it in 2018, or at least that is the copyright date on the back panel. However, it is new to me, so I dropped a few bucks to cover shipping, and they mailed their free CD to me.

As I said previously, it has prog slapped all over the place, but other styles of music are woven into the album’s fabric, giving it a rather expansive feel. There is some metal music with screaming vocals and distorted guitar work. A melodic keyboard is also tastefully planted throughout the album, closing it out with some pleasant chill moments.

The musicianship is rather good for what I think is their first album if I read the insert correctly. It is a robust and ambitious album full of twists and turns that kept my ear engaged from start to finish.

The lyrics follow as many stylistic meanderings as the music. The story of those words is another thing altogether. I think there should be a storyline, but I couldn’t pull it out for the life of me. I tried; honestly, I tried. After multiple listens and reading the lyrics through the album, I am no closer to knowing the overarching story. I’m sorry, guys. I imagine I am overlooking some simple leap of logic. I’ll keep trying even though I don’t need an excuse to listen to this most listenable album.

I give it a nine out of a possible ten for the simple reason that I completely missed the storyline. A good listen just the same, pop it in your car, and you have some cruising tunes.

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