Jonny Woolnough

I have the privilege of having a forward copy of the new album from Jonny Woolnough, Mayurqa. I, fortunately, was asked if I would like the opportunity to write a post about the new single from the title track Mayurqa. I immediately dived into the whole album and subsequently got it way over my head.

The request was for the title track, only, not for the whole album. The album will be available on November 19th 2021. That gives me over a month to properly listen to this eloquent and enchanting musical missive.

So, back to Mayurqa and what I think about it as a single. It’s good. Have a listen below and come back on November 19th to check out the entire musical journey of the album Mayurqa by Jonny Woolnough. Here’s a teaser; it is racing to the top of the WeatheredMusic charts well ahead of its debut.



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