TRAITRS present Horses In The Abattoir

Ponderous and carrying the world’s weight lumbering keyboards are carried aloft by a whispering wind blowing words across the stage that the ballerina is dancing on. A swirling maelstrom soon pours forth with anguished vocals and music that still thunders under the world’s weight but with momentum on its side now. That, my friends, is a great show opener. Sea Howl is the name of the song. The name of the album that gorgeous track came from is Horses In The Abattoir. The creative force behind this tour de force is the duo of Sean-Patrick Nolan and Shawn Tucker, a pair of Canucks from the center of the known universe, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

The next song on the playlist is Mouth Poisons; “The core sketch of this song was written late at night at a very good friend’s place in Frankfurt, Germany. ‘Mouth Poisons’ is an extremely personal song, and lyrically I set myself up as the main target.” It carries an air of ‘come see what’s going inside of me that wants to burn down everything in sight. Definitely my favourite single we have ever released to date,” says Shawn Tucker

Mouth Poisons‘ was initially supposed to be a fast, angular punk track, and it remained in this form for several months until Shawn wrote the bass guitar part and completely changed the way I heard the song. His melodic bass line brought out a sadness and vulnerability in the track that I didn’t know was there. All of a sudden this frantic punk song sounded more like The Smiths or New Order, so I completely rewrote my synth part to tease out those elements even more. The break before the outro is one of my favourite parts on the album,” Sean-Patrick Nolan tells us.

Mouth Poisons has some very pointed lyrics, and I found them poking me several times. I felt there is a fear in what lies ahead of us and a sense of loss in the lines,

“I tried to hide these awful thoughts

Of all the time we haven’t got”

And then the song turns to anger and a feeling of dejectedness and futility.

“Life’s a lie, and now it’s said.

Making dimes until we’re dead

I will be forever young.”

In the song Oh Ballerina, the protagonist has a bleak view and keeps trying to run away. I have tried this method of problem-solving. “The only problem with running away is that no matter where I run, I am still there.” I attribute that quote to a friend of mine, so no matter where I run, a little bit of Andrew is always with me. Thanks, bro

And now, thanks to TRAITRS, a bit of them will always be with me through their music. Thanks, Sean-Patrick Nolan and Shawn Tucker. This album started strong and kept that momentum going for the full forty-four minutes of playing these 11 songs.

On November 19, the full-length ‘Horses In The Abattoir’  will be released via Freakwave, a Berlin-based label part of the Schubert Music Europe group, with distribution by The Orchard.

I can’t forget the eye candy.

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