Endless From The Start from the band  Union of Knives

There is an album that I have been listening to that I would like to share with you. The album is Endless From The Start, the band that made it is Union of Knives. No matter how compelling I desire to inform you, the reader, I find myself thwarted in my attempts to do so. Allow me to elaborate.

I have been listening to music for what seems like forever, and I have been writing about music in one form or another for donkey years. Within that framework, I have had dry spells where the creative juices ran dry, and no matter how often I put pen to paper, nothing issued forth.

This is not that. I feel connected to this music. It inspires me. I want to write, and I know that on some level, I can write, as you can see for yourselves since I assume you are reading this. The problem is this. I find it very difficult to describe to you what I am hearing.

This is not sugary pop music. It is so much more than that. This album is a veritable cornucopia of taste; it would launch your tastebuds into orbit if sampled on a spoon.

Well, my goodness, that passage was honest to goodness review material; let’s keep this going.

Dark industrial music elements churn and grind away, providing a template for other textures and vocals. There are layers of music on top of layers of music, and this music gets complicated, which only adds to its listenability. Listen after listen to this album offers new insights and hidden gems tucked away in recessed corners of Endless From The Start. That album title is very apt; the musical discoveries are indeed endless from the start.

The people known as Union of Knives are a Scottish trio consisting of producer and musician Chris Gordon (also known from the band Baby Chaos), programmer Dave McClean and singer Craig Grant. Perhaps it would be helpful if they told us a bit about the music rather than dithering on about what I heard.

union of knives by simon murphy

Speaking about the new offering, the band’s Anthony Thomaz said, “There’s a River is a song about going forward with clarity and pushing through the surrounding noise by simplifying the complex. A conversation to self.”

While songwriter Chris Gordon added, “If you like your dystopian soundscapes with a sprinkling of hope and a dream-like narrative, then There’s a River is the track for you.” And, I will add, Endless From The Start is an album for you.

It certainly was an album for me. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Endless From The Start, from start to finish, a strong player all the way through.









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