We Need Mister Imperator

I am sitting on pins and needles waiting for February 11, 2022, when Jacknife Lee and Cathal Coughlan release the 13 track album ‘a hAon’. I have sampled teasers from this much-anticipated release, Mister Imperator and We Need.

Mister Imperator, track two on the album a hAon, comes to us as an EP that includes the latest ‘Mister Imperator (Dub Mix)’, two more remixes and the original version of their recently-released ‘Mister Imperator’ single. If you have a pulse, this EP will raise it. The Maurice and Charles Remix, logging in at 8 1/2 minutes, is a standout for me; good stuff, eh.

Track three from a hAon is We Need, pre-released as a four-track EP that includes the Album Version plus three bonus remixed versions, DubThe Fetch Remix and the Jape Remix. Hypnotic music with a beat will be great stuff to do my exercise along with; it will raise my pulse and entertain at the same time.

Anyhoo, I present these two EP’s for your listening pleasure and stay tuned for the February 11 release of the full-length album ‘a hAon’. I have provided links for you to listen to and find more information on the artists responsible for this blog post, Jacknife Lee and Cathal Coughlan.

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