Pearldiving with Robin Guthrie

My morning routine is to put on a pot of coffee, do my morning rituals SSS, and with coffee in hand, I sit down to skim over the news. I am very selective in what information I choose to spend time with because I don’t want to start my day with depressing news about the latest bad news event.

While perusing the entertainment section this morning, an article from the BBC caught my eye.
I often use music and nature as balms to calm and compose myself. This article reinforced what I already knew. What was news to me were some artists composing music that features nature scapes as the lead singer/instrument. I plugged them into Apple Music to give a listen at a later time or date because there is an artist I am familiar with whose new album fits in nicely with the premise of this BBC article.

The artist that I allude to is Robin Guthrie, and the album is Pearldiving. I had listened to this lovely recording several times before reading the “sounds that make us calm” article, and as I read the news, a connection was made between the words on the page and the sound in the speakers. Voila, I had the premise of a blog about this new recording.

Robin Guthrie is not a stranger to WeatheredMusic; I posted a brief overview of his recently released EP, Mockingbird Love, on October 22.
He is also well known as a founding member of the Cocteau Twins group, some 40 odd years ago.

Over the years, Robin Guthrie has offered us a cornucopia of beautiful music to calm and center us. This album is a return to the instrumental genre, which is a favourite medium of his. He is a master craftsman, layering sounds that evoke connections and emotions through his skill as both a musician and a producer.

So there we have it, a song and a story about music that calms our souls in the troubling times that we find ourselves in the midst of. I hope you enjoy this album as much as I have. Take a walk through lush meadows and stroll through majestic woodlands as you listen to Pearldiving by Robin Guthrie. You can put on your walking shoes and plug in your earbuds/headphones for a truly immersive experience. Or you could sit back in your favourite chair, close your eyes and be transported to a calm place without leaving home. Either way, this album is a winner that you can’t go wrong with, enjoy.

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