The Sun, The Moon, and The Panjoma

That is a terrible title to this blog, my apologies to the band Panjoma. I hope the remainder of this blog is in better taste. Panjoma started as a musical entity in 2006, around the nucleus of Mary Panjoma (vocals, keyboard, production) and Patrik Nilsson (bass, drum machines, samplers, production). Finding common ground upon meeting, they got married and gave birth to a band called Panjoma. Pat and Mary remain committed to their shared musical quest despite their subsequent divorce.

Panjoma‘s studio and live performance members (past and present) include Ricardo Acevedo (Lost Cat Magnet, O’Clock), Ritchard Napierkowski (The Nimbus, Ritchual, Adoration Destroyed), John Ousely (Construction Paper Records, Cosmic Pets), Richard Evans (Rivers Want) and Chris Alvarez (Saul Williams, John Spencer Blues Explosion). An impressive lineup that helps Panjoma make great music.

The EP’ Sun and Moon’, Panjoma’s first release in eight years, followed 2014’s ‘Personacide’ and 2012’s ‘Panjoma’ albums. What genre box is their music in? I call it music. The press release called it an avant-garde darkwave electro femme-pop DMT-jazz band with a funky edge. Panjoma’s sound is as eclectic as its influences. Influences range from Bjork, Aphex Twin, Orbital and Squarepusher to Thundercat, Nine Inch Nails, Primus, Daft Punk, Le Chic, Mr. Fingers, Jazzanova and Depeche Mode.

“Our influences behind the ‘Sun and Moon’ EP are love, philosophy, and psychedelics. The ‘Sun and Moon’ single, which drives the dreamy vibe behind the whole EP, is all about how the Sun and Moon are forever following each other, forever longing to be next to each other but forever being unable to be together. The theme transitions into dreams, where anything is possible,” says Mary Panjoma.

Panjoma experiment with conventional instruments used in unconventional ways. E-bows on bass and filtered pianos are in their arsenal, as well as a vast array of drum machines, samplers, keyboards, software programs, and synthesizers.

Once again, I found myself listening to a musical entity that I knew nothing about and had to search out their back catalogue and get to know them. While not extensive, it is nonetheless captivating. “Personacide” got my attention, and I had to listen to it a couple of times and let it sink because a lot was going on. They used sampling to significant effect, and I found I had to sit still and let the music come to me. I couldn’t listen to it as background. It required my full attention. There are little gems tucked away here and there that would be easily missed otherwise. The same goes for their self-titled follow-up, with the cover of War Pigs being the listening gem that caught my full attention.

‘Sun and Moon’ and ‘Free’ are out now across digital platforms, including SpotifyBeatport and Apple Music. The ‘Sun and Moon’ EP will be released on February 26 and ordered directly from the artist via Bandcamp.

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‘Sun and Moon’




‘Sun and Moon’ (Radio Edit)

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