The Call

Let The Day Begin, from 1989, is a strong album from start to finish that showcases the group finding their groove and working it to perfection. For me, a standout track is the title track that went to number one as a single release. The album generally had good reviews, me included. It isn’t an overproduced record due to the band wanting a rough around the edges feel in an attempt to have some of their live energy captured in a studio.

Into the Woods, 1987 vintage, has more than one standout track. In The River gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. I can’t put the finger on what it is about this song that elicits a strong reaction, but I know that I like hearing the music repeatedly. Memory was a neat coincidence this time around the turntable. I was scanning family photos as part of my genealogy preservation project, and the song Memory came on.

In my memory
I can still see that face
In my memory
I can still hear the voice
I remember talking with you
The stories I could tell
In my memory
I remember you still

Perfect timing for word association. Good memories that I could both see and hear, a good coincidence.

The album Reconciled from 1986 has one of my favourite album covers. I felt this album delved into their faith more than some other albums. While not strictly a Christian band, they certainly did not hide their faith, and it shows up on Reconciled. Reconciled also has some of the best bass lines from their catalogue. Michael Been, the lead writer and singer of the band, was also the bass player, and he seems to have risen higher in the mix on this album.

I also listened to their self-titled album, The Call, and Modern Romans and Scene Beyond Dreams. They are the first three albums from The Call, and while still good, I didn’t take any notes while listening to these three albums. I feel they were building blocks that culminated in their later work, which I sincerely appreciate. I also have the album Red Moon, but it is on CD, and I am focusing on vinyl.

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