Another Self by Sara-Danielle

“The thrill of productivity

Like a drug inside of me

I can feel the rush flowing in my veins

It keeps me going”

This profound insight comes from Sara-Danielle‘s sophomore recording, “Another Self.” Sara-Danielle keeps everything balanced and working together. She never does too much or too little. Between delicate precision and vivid emotionality, Sara-Danielle glides comfortably along with the thoughts that come to her mind and materialize through the words she utters, making them highly relatable. 

Highly relatable is a bit of an understatement. I love the thrill of listening to new music. I can feel the rush flowing like a drug as I listen. The rush is amazing and with keen insight, Sara-Danielle opens up that rush of always wanting more.”. Others have explored this refrain, but Sara-Danielle puts a new spin on the concept of “wanting everything now,” to quote Arcade Fire, fellow Montrealers.

In the song Lost Myself, I got stuck on this refrain.

“I was too busy trying

Trying to be like somebody else”

I feel there are a lot of us trying to be somebody else. I was trying to live like somebody else instead of getting comfortable in my own skin. I confess I have walked this road, and it leads nowhere good. Be who you are; if your friends don’t like it, they probably aren’t friends.

I like what Sara-Danielle created on this EP. The lyrics and music complement each other and are greater than the sum of their parts. It doesn’t matter how good the lyrics are if they can’t be delivered appropriately. Fortunately for us, Sara-Danielle serves up the lyrics on a silver platter. Her voice is smooth and has ethereal qualities at times, and she conveys the stories in a manner that takes me into the parallel universe where they dwell. And once there, I become a part of the songs, carried along by her engaging and delightful voice. Through the medium of music, Sara-Danielle can both embrace and soothe.

Sara-Danielle has performed as an opening act for artists such as Pomme, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Clay & Friends and Heartstreets. As well as concerts presented by Festival Diapason, POP Montreal, Osheaga, the Fashion & Design Festival, and Sofar Sounds Montreal. Another Self, Sara-Danielle’s sophomore EP, Another Self, is due out on April 1st, 2022, via Simone Records.

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