Is This Clark Enough For You?

Paul Clark’s album Out of the Shadow is generic 1984 Christian pop flavoured music. Pick any contemporary Christian artists from the 1980s; there is a locked-in sound. That goes for radio hits across the genre spectrum.

There wasn’t a lack of good music hitting the turntables in 1984. The Seventy Sevens released All Fall Down, an album that has passed the time test. It is still relevant and good music 34 years after it was released. There are a lot of hard-core Seventy Seven fans out there, and Mike Roe does a music vlog every week. Paul Clark has remained in the recording and performing Christian sphere. He performs primarily in churches but hey, a tip of the hat to him for keeping on making music. His latest album is from 2018, and while the lyrics are still full of Christianese, the music is quite good, with kind of an Americana feel to it with some good guitar pickin’ with fiddle fills.

Unfortunately, Paul Clark was still trying to find his place in the music pallet in 1984 and Out of the Shadow doesn’t pass the time test, although Paul Clark, as a recording artist, has grown and developed his career up to the present.

Petula Clark is still going strong at 89 years young. Her last release, according to Wikipedia, was in 2018. Discogs justify the fact that I only have two compilations. Petula Clark was a music factory with roughly one album for every year of her life. Another interesting tidbit of information, in October 1942, the nine-year-old Petula Clark made her radio debut while attending a BBC broadcast with her father. She never looked back.

In 1960 she embarked on a concert tour of France and Belgium with Sacha Distel, who remained a close friend until his death in 2004. Gradually she moved further into the continent, recording in German, French, Italian and Spanish. – Wikipedia. Hells bells, I trip over my tongue trying to sing in my native language, English.

Singing along with Downtown and the other hits was a nice trip down memory lane. Petula Clark continued to record, hit after hit, with lots of good memories; thank you, Ms. Clark. She also toured up till 2019 with an appearance in my native land, Canada. We have a large French population and she sings in French. A versatile performer, I am impressed.

14 June, 2019Details Théâtre Masionneuve 
Montreal, CANADAFrancos de Montréal Festival
Petula Clark et invités [Petula and Guests]

Guests: Louis-Jean Cormier, Antoine Gratton and France D’Amour
Opening night of the annual Festival. Over 10 nights, the festival presents shows by legendary francophone performers from diverse musical backgrounds and nationalities, as well as a wide range of up-and-coming artists. 

17 June, 2019Photos Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Toronto CANADA

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