Stew Clayton

A Legend. Stew Clayton has been recording music with Sunshine Records since 1974. He will always be known as the “The Yodeling Cowboy.” Stew Clayton sings old-time country reminiscent of the greats Wilf Carter and Montana Slim. He also plays and sings similarly to my Dad, and some songs had me singing along like he was in the room with me. I couldn’t find much information about Stew Clayton, but I know he is an Eleven-time World Championship Yodeller.

This video gives a lot of insight into his life and just about every small town across Canada, and it certainly brought back memories for me and the stories my Dad told of his youth. A good example is a story of riding a horse to school and back; I have photos of my Dad on his horse.


Stew tells of being spell-hearing Wilf Carter on the radio and how that radio played such a large part of life back then. Television wasn’t as prevalent when I was growing up, I remember riding the train from Hinton to Vancouver to visit my cousin Wayne, and I discovered Saturday morning cartoons. I was glued to the television, much to the chagrin of Wayne. 

We listened to the radio frequently. I can remember listening to hockey night in Canada on the radio. Family and social outings often had musicians playing, but I was not one of them, I have pictures of playing guitar with my Dad, but he was the musician. I often played my solid body with the amp turned off so I could play along but not sound out of place.

Radio was also where we heard music from people like Wilf Carter and The Carter Family. CFCW became Canada’s first full-time country music station in October 1960, when Curley Gurlock, Mr. D.J. USA of 1957, started on CFCW. 1961 saw the frequency change to the one on every farmer and rancher truck radio, 790 CFCW.

Playing these records by Stew Clayton was a nice walk down memory lane. I was humming and occasionally singing along and playing each record twice for good measure.

A Legend. Stew has been recording music with Sunshine Records since 1974. Stew is most well known for his ground breaking albums the “The Farmer Volume 1” and “The Farmer Volume 2”.

Stew has recorded over 16 albums with Sunshine Records. He will always be known as the “The Yodeling Cowboy”

Stew Clayton sings old tyme country in the style of the greats, Wilf Carter and Hank Williams.

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