Lannie Flowers

Come on, Lannie, “Don’t Make Me Wait,” “Lost In a Daydream.” Sure, your music is “Good,” and it chases the “Summer Blue“(s) away. I want this album, Flavor* of the Month, to be “The One,” the album that helps me to “Let Go” of summer and wonder, “Where Did All The Fun Go?” 14 songs and all of them are flavors of the Month, “What Did I Know?” I watched the stars fight to shine through the “Day Glow All Night.” Light pollution ain’t bad out in the boonies, and I am “Doin’ Fine,” how “About You?” There are garage sales that will try to sell you “Anything But Love” up and down “My Street” until I flop in a chair on my “Front Porch.”

I thoroughly enjoy listening to Lannie Flowers and the Flavor of the Month. Flavor* of the Month is an album full of radio-friendly tunes. I can easily imagine hearing this 30 years from now on our local blast from the past radio station.

Lannie Flowers makes music that draws from the soundscape of The Beatles, Joe Jackson and …

What the hey, just read this:

listen to this…

and watch this:

LANNIE‘s acclaimed early 2022 release FLAVOR OF THE MONTH is arriving on vinyl September 30, in a deluxe package that includes an exclusive new CD featuring the original, completely different mixes of the album’s tracks. The FLAVOR OF THE MONTH LP/CD package is up for pre-sale now at and most online music retailers now, and on record store shelves worldwide as of the street date, with the new single and video “Lost In A Daydream” signaling the highly anticipated arrival of album on wax.

The LP package itself is a thing of beauty, as expected from SpyderPop Records and their in-house designer Dan Zimmer: a gatefold jacket, with song notes from Lannie and the original artwork from all the singles inside, and more. The CD, entitled THE ORIGINAL MARCH TO HOME SINGLES COLLECTION, features the single mixes of 13 of the 14 Lannie Flowers tracks that became the new record (and one one exclusive Holiday-themed treat). These versions are true exclusives: the tracks will not be available on streaming services, and the CD is only available in the LP package!

As for the story behind the singles that came together to create Flavor of The Month (released on CD and Digital in February of 2022) in their all-new remixed versions, that’s a tale in itself, told in detail when the album bowed in CD and Digital forms this past February. 

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