Hands Down

Hands Down, this song, We Are on the Run, hit me as little else has in the world of music that I have been listening to. I don’t know the formula to make me stop and listen and then listen again. I know some people engineer songs to be top 10 hits. As good as this song is, I don’t feel it is competition for Beiber. I don’t know what stirred my soul and told me to put my life on hold for 3 1/2 minutes while I listened to this song. Hands Down have crafted a lovely little song that entranced me.

Perhaps the refrain caught me, “Never gonna look back at this, no ones gonna care about my shit.” Profound. How many people will look back at this blog and care about what I wrote? Will anyone care about my shit? Probably not; these things tend to have a short life span.

I have found that I and others, I would imagine, spend an inordinate amount of time looking back. I use Ancestry to look back at my family tree and a few twigs. I am digitizing my family photos, and while they bring me joy at the moment, will anyone care about them a hundred years from now? Will anyone care about my shit?

What about the road I have walked down to get to where I am now? From the exuberance of memorable moments such as marriage and raising a child, will anyone care in the future?

We Are on the Run presents us with a conundrum. Is it worth the effort to live life to its fulness if it immediately becomes yesterday’s news and no one gives a shit? Is it worth the effort to craft a song that catches listeners’ ears today? Will anyone care about this song? Should I even be writing this blog? Will anyone look back at it? Will anyone give a shit about my shit?

I don’t know the answer, but I do know that the band Hands Down have crafted a wonderful little song that lit a spark in my life and is still shining. I care about it. I give a shit. This blog matters because I want it to mean something, if only for a day, I give a shit about it, and I am sure glad that Hands Down recorded the song We Are On The Run. I love it and look forward to a whole album.

The singer and multi-instrumentalist Alexandra Andersson from Ember Island plays the keyboard in Hands Down. One of the guitarists is Filip Magnusson, better known as Filip Finado. The other is Filip Sjögren, better known as Filip Sjögren. Felisia Westberg plays bass guitar and piano and, in addition to her artist project, has been seen behind Swedish greats like Ane Brun and Iiris Viljanen. And last but certainly not least, the drummer Josef Ask (Hemp Honey).

‘We Are on the Run’ is the first single of Hands Down’s sophomore album and will be released via Youth Recordings. And yes, I do give a shit.

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