Crying Day Care Choir

I have started my end-of-year blog, and I think Crying Day Care Choir might sneak in as a late addition.

The time arc of me doing a blog goes something like this. I listen to the album to decide whether I like the sounds. If I don’t get a groove on, the blog never gets off the ground; it stops there. Occasionally all I need to hear is one song or a quick sample by skipping across all the songs. If I don’t get it, the email hits the trash bin.

However, I listen to the entire album if I like what I hear. After that first listen, I will see if the band or artist has previous material or a back story in music. I like to hear where they are coming from, and as I listen, I will start reading whatever I can find about the artist/s. And then, I go to the new material and listen to it again with a lyric sheet, if there is one, and follow the story arc or the ebb and flow of the album. Then I start copying and pasting bits and pieces from the source material, including lyrics when available. And then, I start writing my blog.

There is an exception to this method. Sometimes the music will grab my ears and pull me in without mercy. I can’t stop listening to the album, and after a half dozen or so trips through the entire album, I will start the “if I like what I hear” pattern as above. I frequently get highjacked by repeated listens to a previous album if one, or more, impacts me as much as the new one does.

The exception happened this week with the Swedish band Crying Day Care Choir’s album Give Me Something Vol. 1.

I listened to this album repeatedly and then skipped back to their previous album Wilting Rooting Blooming, which is a horse of a different colour. And then back to Give Me Something Vol. 1. I am listening to Give Me Something Vol. 1 again. It hasn’t grown old yet, and I’m unsure if it ever will. We will check in on December 31st to see if the shine has lost its lustre.

This album explodes in your face when it starts playing the opening powerhouse track, Make A New Fucking World. With a title like that, you know that something will happen. And it does happen. I listened to this song easily a half dozen times and then listened to their previous album, Wilting Rooting Blooming, with its opening track, Fuck It I’m A Flower. That album and that song have an indie folk-flavoured pop feel that is super easy listening. And then I go back to Make A New Fucking World, and it is a new f*****g album with a fresh f*****g sound. The mandolin and acoustic guitars are gone, replaced by synths opening the song and exploding with distorted guitars and a thumping bass drum/guitar. And then they have the audacity of segueing that into a classic piano interlude. Which then transitions back to heavy riffs and the driving beat. And it works. All these pieces sound like a bad idea when I try to explain them with words. You can trust me on this one. Crying Day Care Choir makes it happen. It all works together seamlessly.

I feel this four-track EP is shorter than it could have been. All the tracks give me the feeling that they are good songs to jam on. I’m Looking At You and Don’t Waste Your Time are strong pieces in the middle, and then we get to my second favourite song on this EP, The Dreams Of Alice. A great closing track.

CDCC is Jack, Sara and Bill Elz. Hailing from Malmö in southern Sweden. Sweden is a hot spot for great new music, and this album and band add to that. Crying Day Care Choir is a family trio of the married couple, Jack and Sara, with Jack’s brother, Bill. They are all talented multi-instrumentalists that they use to great advantage, moving effortlessly from indie folk to grunge.

I encourage you to listen to Wilting Rooting Blooming first. And then turn the volume up a notch and play Give Me Something Vol. 1. From my point of view, these albums complement each other and Give Me Something Vol. 1 builds on the foundation of Wilting Rooting Blooming. A good example that I hope most people would be familiar with is Pink Floyd. I recommend listening to Meddle and Obscured by Clouds to better appreciate The Dark Side of the Moon. It gives the listener an expanded understanding and appreciation of the new music if we know where the band is coming from.

Enough of me ranting on about this music. Go now and listen to Crying Day Care Choir. In any order that you like, it is all good music.

The cover art is a story in itself.

After a successful summer performing at festivals such Sziget Festival, Malmöfestivalen, Be Alternative and many more, Swedish alt-follk trio Crying Day Care Choir recently formed their own label ELZ Productions, with their first release an internationally groundbreaking EP with cover art by Damien Hirst and the art itself as source of inspiration.  

CDCC’s new EP ‘Give Me Something Vol.1’, the first of three new collections released in the coming months, explores the relationship between art and music and challenges the idea of how music is created. The full album acts as a continuation of Damien Hirst‘s project ‘The Currency’, where he explores the concept of value through art and money. The Currency contains 10.000 unique pieces, with different titles produced by an AI generator that’s been fed with some of the artist’s favourite music. The buyers of these different art pieces were left with the decision during the summer of 2022, to either keep their physical piece or to keep the NFT version of it and let the physical painting burn.  

This project led to new artistic ideas for the musicians in CDCC, and the concept for the record ‘Give Me Something’ took shape. The idea is to take the titles from the burnt artworks and put them together as lyrics, thus giving them new life in a new art form -“Reborn, as songs”.

With Damien Hirst’s permission the work began in September. Damien Hirst’s artwork ‘Give Me Something’ will act as album cover for the release. The world famous artist however is no stranger to the concept of making album art with his latest involvement being in Drake’s ‘Certified Loverboy’ from 2021.








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