Pop Music

Pop can put on dozens of hats to cover each nuance of what constitutes the meaning of pop. I will attempt to intertwine some of those definitions with an EP I am listening to as I write this, Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop by the disco pop debutants VOIB. It is easily the fifth time I’ve listened to this release trying to find an angle to approach it.

And there we go; our first use of the word pop, associated with disco in this instance. From my trusty Oxford English Dictionary, we learn that, in this usage, pop is “relating to commercial popular music.” Commercials and popular music are usually anathemas in my world. I will, however, attempt to soldier on. Disco, from the OED, is “a style of pop music intended mainly for dancing to, typically soul-influenced and melodic with a regular bass beat, popular particularly in the late 1970s.” Unfortunately, disco was never more than a historical footnote for me. I used to have a t-shirt that said, “Support you local musicians, burn down a disco.” This was by no means an endorsement of violence against the disco movement. It was just me making my dislike of disco music public knowledge. I have mellowed over time and are more tolerant of different music styles, including pop music.

Pop can also be a light explosive sound, hopefully not from a disco burning down! I suppose there are some light pop sounds to be heard in Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop. Pop is also the popping sound when air is equalized in our ears, such as in an airplane ride. Speaking of equalizing air in our ears, I have noticed a trend in popular music to use excessively loud volumes at live shows and more bass than needed. This comes from the house soundboard, so it may or may not be what the band wanted. It can leave our ears ringing more than popping. I use tuned ear buds at live shows and I restrained the volume while I listened to Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, and I have good hearing.

Pop can also be used in writing as an activity, such as popping to the store for a few items or popping Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop into my playlist.

Photo credit to Miranda Fredriksson

Photo credit to Miranda Fredriksson

The colour in the above press photo for VOIB pops. The muted tones of the photo below are not as striking but tell a different story through different colours.

Photo credit to Miranda Fredriksson

Photo credit to Miranda Fredriksson

Pop also refers to a large number of beverages. My sweet fizzy drink of choice is Coke Zero. However, I am drinking coffee while I write this blog.

I don’t follow the sport of baseball, but I do know what a pop fly is. A pop fly is a ball hit high in the air but not far from the home plate that usually provides an easy catch to put the batter out. Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop is no doubt hoping to go high in the charts, and this easy-listening pop EP may be able to do that. It is an easy catch; enjoy it while you can. Most pop music has a relatively short shelf life. But, who knows, maybe Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop will be the next Stayin’ Alive.

popped the question to my wife after we had dated for three weeks. It was 31 years ago, so that worked out well.

There are a few other variations of definitions of the word pop, but I think that is enough for the time being. I will pop this up on my blog page for your perusal, and I hope you enjoy listening to the easy-going pop music on the EP Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop from the young lads who go by the moniker VOIB.

Photo credits to Miranda Fredriksson

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