våra liv

våra liv is the album that I have been patiently waiting for ever since I wrote about Sole Gipp Ossler‘s single that was released in February. I did a favourable report back then, and I have only good things to say about her album, våra liv.

Photo credit to Ulf Zetterlund

I don’t understand the Swedish language, but I do understand good music. Maybe not your definition of good music, but it certainly ensconced itself in my ear. The music is powerful. It wanders about in different styles of music that go from gentle ballads to epic movements. Never a dull moment. This album kept me glued to the speakers as I engaged with what I heard.

I like what I hear because I listen to våra liv as I type this out. It makes the writing emerge slowly because I keep getting interrupted by songs and passages that I must stop and listen to. It’s all good. I don’t hear a negative bit in the whole album. våra liv has significant passages such as we hear in the song ven. It is an ambient track with synthesized bits that move from gentle to high-pitched bits that take the song to another level of intensity—well done, Sole.

du jag tiden” opens with gentle piano notes, a quiet guitar someplace behind the piano slips into the soundscape, and an equally subtle synth joins them. And then SOLE starts singing in a delicate, rhythmic pattern that builds along with the music, rising and rising with percussion driving them all forward. SOLE’s voice soon changes into a plaintive call, and the music continues to build higher and higher and faster and faster. It gets frantic. The distortion is all-encompassing. I am out of breath from trying to keep up with the pace of “du jag tiden.” And then it stops with her gentle voice reclaiming the focus only to lose it in the distortion that gives the impression of a steal locomotive braking hard to stop at the station. Steel grinds on steel, and then they all fade to nothing. I hit repeat. “du jag tiden” opens with…etc.

våra liv is a passionate album. SOLE shares:

“The main idea behind the album was to turn outwards, instead of inwards like on the debut album. This time, I involved more people in the creation process, both musicians and songwriters, to see what happens when there is a meeting between two lives, two expressions. Suddenly, it becomes a shared space, no longer just my own. So, it’s important for me to emphasize that this album couldn’t have been possible without these individuals. Everyone has had an essential part in the creation.”

våra liv and Sole have given me another reason to visit Sweden, apart from visiting my cousins the live there. Until then I will continue hitting the repeat button and wait for SOLE‘s next album.

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