Rocking to the 9’s

Oliver Marson is dropping a new video, ‘To The Nine’ s’, following on the heels of his previous singles’ Cocaine Romance’ and ‘Time for Love’.

With his unique musical styling of sound and sights, Oliver has created a video that channels the flashback machine to honour his musical inspirations, Bryan Ferry, David Bowie and Serge Gainsbourg. The music itself takes us back to the tunes of his hero’s and the video continues that theme.

With extravagant costumes and featuring himself in various characters, Oliver has crafted video that that looks behind for inspiration and forward with current musical tastes that features retro sounds that evoke modern music.

Oliver tells us:

The new video is “inspired by meme culture, the kind of aesthetic pop stars like Miss World and Charli XCX have perfected. I am dressed as all sorts of characters (a cardinal, in drag, as a french legionnaire) against a green screen in keeping with the song subject of being ‘dressed to the nines. It’s all improvised, as we wanted to make something quite lo-fi and spontaneous”.

The new track explores the argument used by misogynists and their belief that women who have been assaulted are to blame because of their choice of clothing.  “I wanted to write from the perspective of a bitter misogynist and ‘To the Nines’ is an exposition of toxic male thinking. ‘To the Nines’ being an old English expression, which means ‘to dress flamboyantly or buoyantly”.

‘The nature of the recording was very spontaneous; I came into a studio with just a couple of chords and a vague idea of what I wanted the song to be. In the end, it was very natural, and the song seemed to flow from one idea to another, which culminated in quite a flamboyant sound, mirroring the song’s title. The way I see it, what better way is there to tackle this subject than a bit of flamboyance.”

This video is far more than a vehicle to present Oliver’s music. It explores a problematic and often jarring reality and brings it to us a teaching tool. I enjoyed this video, and I suggest it as a great track to dance along with. Enjoy your summer and live safely.

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I ‘don’t know (what to do)’

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Mia Berg has graced my listening with a song about being vulnerable and not having the slightest idea about how to move forward. However she does not allow that emotion dull her need to express herself and she deftly weaves that story with music that supports the story without weighing it down.

Mia’s lyrics touch on more than one life moment.

I don’t know what to do after school.

I don’t know what to do when I retire.

I don’t know what to do on my day off

I don’t know what to do after a complicated relationship ended.

I don’t know what to do about a lot of things in life, and this song captures that particular moment and gives it a voice.

In Mia’s own words she tells us, “The song is really just about being vulnerable, and about letting go and the fear of someone leading you on or letting you down if you decide to let them in.”.

Without a lot of flash, but with a lot of integrity, Mia has crafted a soundscape that captures the feeling of not knowing what to do. 

A feeling of anxiety, helplessness and confusion winds it way through the music that supports the song without getting in the way of the words. 

Intentionally or not, Mia has voiced what many of us may be feeling through the Covid-19 experience.

While It’s not easy to admit that we have no idea what to do, Mia has brought that courage to the forefront and given voice to what many have felt but did’t know how to say.

This single is from the EP coming out later in the year through Tik Records.

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don’t know (what to do: written by Mia Berg Rønning

Producer: Henrik Lillehaug

Label: Tik Records

Coverart/photo: Guro Sommer


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