Layla’s Love

It’s summer, finally, and it’s time to come out of hibernation, roll down the windows and crank up the volume with Kidsmoke blasting out of the speakers. The newest offering from Welsh up and coming band, Kidsmoke, is the single Layla’s Love and it is the perfect song for summer.

Following on the heels of “The Bluest You”, Kidsmoke is making waves in 2020 with their single “Layla’s Love” which will feature on their much-anticipated debut album A Vision In The Dark which will be available on June 19th 2020.

Layla’s Love is deceptively easy music. The truth is a bit more complicated as the bass player, and songwriter James Stickels tells us, “Many songs on the album are not in standard tunings. I like to start with tuning a few of the bottom four strings differently and trying to find a chord that sounds interesting, almost as if I am learning the guitar again and making up chords. Then I tune the top 2 strings to where I think they best sit to handle the various chord progressions. Layla’s Love started in this way. I think there was a Kevin Morby influence, maybe some Seazoo too. Ultimately you could probably play our songs in standard tuning, but I think the chords would miss that certain something which makes them sound a little bit different and interesting.”

A bit different? A bit interesting? That’s like saying the Dead Sea is a bit salty. Kidsmoke makes music that is both fun and complex at the same time. After repeated listening and trying to filter out the details I am impressed by the quality of not just the playing but the production, courtesy of Russ Hayes, and the lyrics add texture to an already heady mix.

Bottom line? I can’t wait to play the whole album when it drops on June 19th via Libertino Records. Time for a road trip with “A Vision In The Dark” blasting the winter doldrums away.

Check them out here and there:

Debut album A Vision In The Dark will be released 19th of June 2020 and is available to pre-order now on Ltd Edition pink vinyl and CD:

For press enquiries, please contact

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